How to kill a secret?

I own a million secrets
That none of you will know
Behind the tinted windows
A million truths I show

All of them regard me
Not one of other mans
They spin around reminding
They are my hellborn fans

I could use fewer secrets
But none of you will know
Because my biggest secret
Is that I can not show

Some are of the darkest
I never can reveal
Most of them are evil
My soul they try to steal

So, how to kill a secret?
I'd really like to know
Cause I'm so damn tired of fighting
Maybe I should let them go

Poetry by Cr4Ky
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Written on 2009-09-28 at 21:10

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I would say, expressing ourselves, is the best way to kill the secret's weight on our souls, but we don't necesarily have to present what we spill to the world, it is up to us, but the main thing is, getting IT out.

We all have a million truths and secrets, too heavy for any soul to bare, we just have to departmentalise them, put them to rest and rally to the forefront of our lives.

A very interesting write on poetic self expression, expressed highly creatively.

Smiling at you