celebrities life is sometime like hell


Why paparazzi are forcing me
To say things which I don't want to say
Pocking nose into my life every day
Hello, I need my privacy too, can't you see

Because of them I cry silently
And I tend to smile violently
I wish if I could tell the world
That I'm sad and unhappy

A fake smile on my face
That's all what I got to show
Have mercy on me
I can't take it any more

If I'm a super star
Does that mean I don't have the right to have a personal life
My life is not a magazine
I'm a human like the rest

So please give me break
Otherwise I will disappear
You will never see me again
You will all
You will all
You will all go to hell

Poetry by zaipoems
Read 645 times
Written on 2009-10-06 at 17:39

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vladimir turmanev
Ah Yes. Ihe price of fame. Good points!