The woods near my home as a beautiful sanctuary in winter.

The winter woods of Ellis Hollow

She walks the path
through Ellis Hollow
gingerly, reverently,
in silent pilgrimage.
Her breath paints winter
with every exhale,
and her feet crush the leaves
with apology.
The trees whisper back
"not to worry".

Poetry by Hans Bump
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Written on 2009-10-28 at 04:03

Tags Nature  Sanctuary  Winter 

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Nancy Sikora
Your words make me miss Ithaca so much I want to cry.

Amna Ehsan
what an imagery!
this is one simple piece of artistic taste...

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Hans, I like this poem (The Winter Woods of Ellis Hollow) very much, the simplicity appeals to my own sense of nature and people. Walking quietly in the woods that surround my home (very near Butter Hollow) is something I understand. And, to write of a woman adds a great deal.

I have one critical comment. The lines:

and her feet crush the leaves
and apologize.

is a little confusing. It implies that the leaves apologize. I wonder if you had said something like:

. . . and she apologized.

wouldn't make the lines flow a little more clearly.

Just a beautiful poem,

This is a bit of perfection, the writer, the reader, images. Not a word too many, no embellishment.