nothing personal

See it now or never

She says that I never,
Did a good thing for her
So, see it now or never

It's the limit
I no more can play as a good kid
I just can't take it,
Being proved guilty every single day

At work, with friends, enemies everything is just the same
I'm tired overplaying the same game

I'm fatigue, of being unnoticed
By the eyes of the humans

Whatever I say is a like poison
Seems for everyone else

Why the life does treat me this way
Now it's you, I'm sure nothing is going to be ok

This really hurts
When the hurt comes from someone, who is very close
And when that creature
Is no one other than, your own mother..............

Copyright Zainab 2010
Written 2010-01-07

Poetry by zaipoems
Read 750 times
Written on 2010-01-19 at 17:39

Tags Sad 

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Your words flow from your heart&soul,the beauty you show shines!! and at times the world can stand out as at times we want to stand down...Nothing personal! but I read you loud and clear and at times we just have to swallow what ever hurts and spit out the bad and leave the good! As you know I always say what comes into play upon my weemind :) but I always mean well sweet friend!
It is great to see you writing,have missed you silly woman!!

Huggarama!! to you

cyndi:P wee2souls :D