just a thought. sometimes people forget who they think is betraying them. people get so angry they never stop to think beyond what they see to what they know. people need to stop and talk things over and find out whats really going on. Preferably before


the man walks down the street smoking a Camel cigarette. it burns itself down .he stops to light his next cigarette. As the flame catches, He looks around himself slowly. A wino walking down the sidewalk,and a couple teens smoking pot down an alley across the street.
"Kids" he mutters to himself "their all idiots" he coughs and starts walking again. A few minutes later he arives home.
"Cary, i'm home" he yells up the stairs as he takes off his coat. He coughs again as he takes his shoes off.
"Finnaly!" his wife yells and runs down the steps "Where the hell have you been John!" she screams.
"At work! where ELSE would i be?"he he said
"At that slut connies house thats where!"she screams, tears running down her cheek. she throws a bra at him "this isn't mine! goddamit you. how long?" she yells " how long have u been fucking her on the side u bastard!" Now the man is really confused. he hadnt been at connies house only at the Johnsens to have mrs. Johnson custom make his wifes new bra and panties, and work. why didnt she believe him?
" that is a gift for you." he tells her. he was gonna give it to her tonight at 7:36 P.M the exact minute she was born.
"Pleas honey-"
"NO! shut up you bastard go to hell!" She reaches into her pocket, and her hand comes up with the family colt 45. revolver.
"I HATE YOU!" she screams and pulls the trigger.
"Darn" the man thought as he fell to the floor clutching the tatters of his heart." after all the trouble, of goin to that ladies hoouse to have that bra custom made, i get shot for it." his last thought as he closed his eyes was" why didnt she open the garage. thats where the new car was?"
the women eyed his carcass and decided to put him in the garage.
she walked in and saw that their was a brand new Lexus with a bow on top and in the window she could see the panties to go with the bra on the back seat. on top of them was a card that said "Happy birthday cary, I love you. she stared in stunned disbelief. he had been telling the truth!
"But...but i saw him go into that house, the one connie owns, at least 3 times" she decided to drive by and take a look. connies adress was 1287 park AVE. the house John had been going into was 1286 park AVE.
"Oh...oh god what have i done?" she started crying. tears ran like little streams down her face and onto the dashboard in front of her.
"Why?" she asks herself "Why didnt i believe him?"

Poetry by Ian
Read 833 times
Written on 2006-02-20 at 15:38

Tags Confusion  Betrayal  Love 

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