experience chapter 2

"The fight was a glimpse into hell.
" gunfire all around me and my friend jack,
"A rain of metal fragments as thick as a florida downpoor.
" the screaming of artillery shells filled the air
"but we cut out anyway and we did those germans hell.
"they paid for their mistake, we made sure of it

~the blood that sprayed and drenched his head.
the gore that mad the road around him slick.
the dyinng screams of men.
and the weeping of their friends as they ran on in the fight.
the war cries that peirced the air.
before explosians cut them off.

"We managed to explode out of the town circle,
"as the rest of our forces attacked the town from the outside.
"me and the rest of my squad had to assault the german gun positions,
"so that the rest of our platoon could slide past them without harm.
"we succeeded with just one wounded and two dead.

"third platoon was nearly wiped out by a tank squadron.
"but 2nd platoon moved up to support them in time.
"3rd' suffered 10 dead and 7 wounded but they were still in the fight.
"three hours after the break out,
"my platoon had suffered 45% casualties.

~ The man looked around himself slowly,
during a lull in the fighting.
bodies lay everywhere around him,
both german,
and american.
their was a carpet of bullet casings and blood,
too thick to see the ground beneath his feet.
somewhere too his right,
a soldier throws up,
and then doubles over in agony.
as a loud "CRACK" splits the air.
"SNIPER!" the man screams.

Short story by Ian
Read 899 times
Written on 2006-02-24 at 16:17

Tags Hate  Fear  War 

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