Written for someone I know.


Those sultry eyes he hides behind
can never hide the truth.

Duality is what he bears;
of which he seems aloof.

The layman may be fooled, perhaps,
but those who know will see -

by day the gentle, caring man;
by night the savage beast.

In vengeance sake he lays in wait
for opportunity to rise,

to seize the power from within
and break the human guise.

A guttural growl from deep within
his bowels can now be heard,

I see the doubt creased on your brow,
you're best to hold your mirth.

For once you've crossed that dreaded line,
his blood-lust comes alive,

And with it you'll bear witness to
that sparkle in his eyes.

You'll feel the wrath; you must beware
I speak only the truth.

Remember well, mere mortal men,
he is the mighty wolf.

Poetry by Doreen Cavazza
Read 652 times
Written on 2010-06-17 at 21:30

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Qudsi Rizvi
well- written...... the dark images carry power.

Rex Panthera
I know by instinct that this piece was not written for me(could be wrong though^^)...but I feel touched by it as if it were. Very well done! I love it when you depict the darker side, since you do it very well. I can almost feel that feral sensation rippling just beneath the skin.