Just a free form


You sit and wear your smug expression
like your baggy,
faded jeans.
You want the world to feel
its empathy just
for you.

Think again.

Push thorns into the eyes
of those around you
when they get
too close.
It's better not
to feel


I thought you wanted
to be saved
but I see now
you like the torture
you need it

for survival.

The cord has been cut
on the need to
resurrect any

of what mattered.

I've watched you fall
but now I have to
turn and walk


Hope fell down
the cliff's edge.

You followed.

Poetry by Doreen Cavazza
Read 649 times
Written on 2011-01-07 at 02:47

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Rex Panthera
I understand the one you describe. One can fall so deep as to become alien to human emotion and warmth. Among the first signs of such a fall is the change of mental habitat. Simpler put; when your life have been saturated wih struggle and negative emotions and experiences it becomes incorporated into ones persona and the psychological polarizations swap extremes. Joy becomes painful, anger becoms joyful etc.

You've hit a sensitive spot, trying to save someone who doesn't want to be saved. Even though the ending is inevitable, the regret never completely goes away.