It is what it is


I take in your heat,
your carnal desire.
Fingers trailing velvet skin, teasing, inviting.

Grasping flesh with
insatiable need.
Lips hunger for the
essence of your soul.


Bodies move, a
sensual rhythm.
Harsh and quick is
your breath as I taste you.

Passion mounting,
slowly taunting.
A sigh escapes your parted lips,
you quiver.


Senses building, climbing, peaking,
as you relent.
Unleash the torrent from
within, cascading.

I drink hungrily, devouring


Poetry by Doreen Cavazza
Read 747 times
Written on 2010-09-03 at 05:27

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This is a very sensual poem, and so nicely put.
Well done, Tango.

Rex Panthera
Ah, the memories, haha.
A Good read this. Amusing and just a little bit arousing.
Well written piece.