Subconscious following me
to that place where I can be
Painting the air to a thick fog
I can't se

Your guidance are not clear
I crawl into me, afraid of all my fears
waiting for my life to come back to me
I can't stop crying, all these painfull tears

In hiding of the unknowned
under beneath that surface
I can't find my safe place

Everything slips away
I have it all in my hand
but in someway, I can't keep it that way
my anguish of fear are here to stay

I'm no longer safe to be
filled with anguish and paralysed
This is me

Poetry by Malin Johansson
Read 599 times
Written on 2006-02-27 at 15:08

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Zoya Zaidi
a very vivid discription of panic anxiety!
Bravo, Malin!
Love, xxx, Zoya

Powerful and if I got this right, quite personal one....strong words and emotions. Hard.