Theres something about him, that makes me want to write this things, these feelings, but there is no way to capture them. I wonder does he feel the same. I don't know. . . but maybe you do.

About Him

Theres something about him. . .
something that makes want to run to him
a feeling overcomes me,
a feeling of compassion,
a feeling of great happiness.
Then when he's not near
I can hear his voice in my ear
I feel his touch on my shoulder
I smell the air, and catch a whif of his scent
All my energies are spent.
Thinking of him,
dreaming of him,
wanting to please him.
The image of him is still fresh in my mind.
I can picture his face,
everylast detail, and I wonder.
Does he remember me this way?
Does he care enough to think of me?
I don't really know his mind.
I can't read him,
can he read me?

Poetry by Rhia
Read 737 times
Written on 2006-02-28 at 02:28

Tags Him  Wonder  Thoughts 

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This is really good... I guess the "moral" is just go for it, eh? ^_^ wonderful read.

Zoya Zaidi
How nice to know, you're an Indian too?
Where in India, do you come from?