Rain in Australia, it has to be cherised!


The rain is falling from a sky all grey,
a heavenly gift for all to enjoy.
A million raindrops and millions more,
just falling forever to land at your door.

The grass grows green, it's leaves revived,
the draught soon gone, a memory.
Life is flourishing and insects go wild,
water it trickles and it runs into streams.

I walk outside, my t-shirt soon drenched,
I laugh and I smile, the rain on my face.
People they hide and run from the rain,
do they not see the wonder it brings?

Poetry by QuiZZer
Read 1087 times
Written on 2006-02-28 at 14:29

Tags Rain  Happy 

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otteri selvakumar
Rain..rain...i was read againe...and againe...

Loveley poem...!

kan dessverre ikke si meg enig.... =)

Zoya Zaidi
Oh, Quizzer, I also love the rain,
I love it when it pours and pours,
After a hot summer day, again & again,
The parched earth smells so good,
After the first summer rain!
Children go out and play,
And take shower in the rain!
Oh! Nothing like a downpour of rain,
After a scorching hot day!

((((((Hugs dear Quizzer again))))

Love, xxx, Zoya