Today I celebrated the International Women's Day by reading two papers: "Atrocities on Women through the Ages" & "Female Foeticide" in seminars and symposia; But on 8th March 2002, I had stayed at home...introspecting...

8th of March (An Introspection)

It's 8th of March,
I stayed at home,
I did not celebrate!
The silence of death reigned in the streets,
My soul was inundate
With cries of helpless women & children,
That echoed with impotent rage:

The baby girl in the womb smiles
Innocently at me:
"Save me! From my death!"
She cries,
"Death before I'm even born!"
"From being stifled in my womb,
I want to escape my watery tomb,
And see the world in its bloom..."

The girl in rags on the street,
Grins impishly at me:
Oblivious of the shame and neglect,
Ignorance, and abject poverty...

The precocious child-woman,
Of forbidden nooks of society,
Sneers at me jeeringly:
"What have you done?
To save my flesh,
From the devilish trade
Of innocent feminity?"

The "Burning Bride",
With anguish cries:
"Save me, from "my Savior",
-My cruel "Companion of Eternity!"-
For oppressed centuries..."

The mother Earth hangs
Her head in shame:
"What has become of my children?
To bring about this carnage of humanity,
To dance this bloody dance
Of savage brutality?

I ponder, muse and introspect:
"What have I done?
To alleviate their pain,
To maintain life's sanctity?

What right have I to celebrate?
-To rejoice insanity?"
The time has come
To break the chains,
To free myself of my own pain,
To do something,
This little something,
To save humanity:
The virgin feminity...

Author: Zoya Zaidi
8th of March 2002
Aligarh (UP), India
Copyrightę: Zoya Zaidi

Poetry by Zoya Zaidi
Read 1487 times
Written on 2006-03-08 at 17:58

Tags Introspection 

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That guy
I like it, it tells such a good tale and was put together quite well. I was a little long, but kept the readers interest.
Good job.

Wow. Your poem speaks its words loudly and bravely. After I read this I pondered this subject and to the books I've read about it. It makes me wonder what have I done to help this cause. Beautiful poem.

Wow---chills engulfed me dear Zoya---this is such a vivid, outstanding write!! What compassion, and sight for things of this world! Bravo!

Veld Cooper
Shut it from the rooftops, dear Zoya, the message must be heard...and thatnks for all you do for the rightsof women!

Oh my dear, this is very touching and does make one reflective on what they have done or could do to help stop it.

John Ashleigh
As liz - I am again speechless from repeatedly reading this write of yours, Zoya.

I'm impressed beyond the limits, but I'm sure you've guessed that already ;0

Although 8th March is just a normal day to me, I still prey for those who pay attention to this day more than their own birthday and Christmas.

Keep it up! 5! (((hugs))))

liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!

Black Knight
We always says: "Modern society must be replaced".
Nobody wants to listen...

really good as usual =D
I was really shocked to have learned all those things you mentioned, and I really understand why you're angry and upset, you put the feelings you have in this poem with such a force that one can't escape beeing hit right in the face by it... the anger that tells me what is happening what is wrong... that anger is right... the poem speeks for it...

good work as usual
hugs my friend

8th of March has its origin almost 100 years ago, when over 100 women workers on strike were burned alive in a factory in New York. Too many women still live under those same conditions, and worse. I think your poem is a beautiful way to celebrate this day and their memory.

A strong poem Zoya. And a very good one. They way the words captures the thought of this poem is amazing. Very good my dear friend:)


Rune Ljungberg
An appropiate poem for Womans Day.
Greetings to you and all the approval my heart can give.
Types Rune from Gothenburg, Sweden.

im glad you showedme this or i would never have noticed it,thankyou.its very tue,thanks again.

Malin Johansson
I must say that this was a very powerfull poem. And I couldn't describe it better than *Penfold*did...
You write with such strenght, and I think or should I say, If everyone had the strenght in us that you have, the world would be a better place... Thanks again for a great written text!!!

((( Hugs )))

Food for thoughts, this one. Good poem.
One little typo: shouldn't virgin femin-ity be virgin femin-in-ity?
Sunny regards,

I love the poem it reflects what most think at times, what can I do? what can I change, the truth is, though it hurts, because there is little ,the strength lies in us, to do what we can,every little makes a difference no matter how small, like ripples on a lake they will get bigger, as will your voice Zoya,sooner or later someone has to listen.

oh zoya, this is beautiful!!! i love it!!!
love amber lynn