don't ask don't know don't care.


I thought that i had lost you
I thought never again would your face i see
I thought never again would your presence grace my doorstep
I thought you had lost your key
The key to my heart
The key to my center

Then you appered, once again
You wiped my tears
and soothed all of my fears
you showed you cared.
That was all i had wanted
All i had needed.

I was foolish
You were loving
You showed me your love
How could i repay you
Maybe with these simple words

Poetry by Rhia
Read 817 times
Written on 2006-03-09 at 01:34

Tags Love  You  Thought 

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Amanda K
a lovely poem that i can't comment but say it'a a wonderful piece but pay ATTENTION 2 stanza 2 there's a spelling mistake Appeared.

Amanda K

c g shankar
Rhia dear, your poem is simple but rich in the commitment that love primarily a part of!"Maybe with these simple words
I LOVE YOU. " This message is Himalayan peak ! pen on more! Take care! Bye!.....ceegee