my agnostic thougths

Are you there?

The message i sent,
the call i made
that you
never replied
springs a questions in my mind
are you there?

Your anger scares
your prejudice hurts ,
your demands makes me think,
are you there?

If you are there,
would you let me down,
constantly and consistently?
Would'nt you give me strength,
to face the challenges?
All of which pops the question
are you there?
Are you really there?

Poetry by Kanak Vadhan
Read 932 times
Written on 2011-03-20 at 06:15

Tags Agnostic  God  Feelings 

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Donald Thornton
This was quite good thanks for the write.

awesome! very nice! Well written

John Ashleigh
To 'be there' is not to be seen, or to be heard - but to be knowingly devoted for the betterment of the person and his many questions in life. To 'be there' can mean many things. It can feel like many things. Keep sharing your words - I enjoyed this poem.