Tonight is the last night of winter. In the countryside where I live, it was marked by a beautiful full moon. I spent the night outside observing its effect on the landscape, thinking about how each change of season arrives predictably,yet uniquely.

The Last Full Moon of Winter

Bathed by luminescent showers and sprinkled by a winter's moon,

pine trees glow against the mountains, humming softly in the breeze.

They shiver slightly from the dampness brought upon by melted snow,

and shake the moisture from their limbs, in practiced exercise.

Gray geese fly high above the groves; their shadows stripe the forestry. Reluctantly the full moon fades and winter steps aside.

Poetry by Hans Bump
Read 751 times
Written on 2011-03-20 at 07:37

Tags Nature  Seasons  Moonlight 

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Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
I can't add much to what the others have said. I enjoyed the way that the starkness of your writing matched the images you were describing.

John Ashleigh
How beautiful the moon, and how fitting this poem. I think we could gaze at the night sky until the night sky does fall - or until inspiration kicks us in the backside. I really enjoyed this poem. Thankyou for sharing.


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I too admired the moon last night, a day that had been rainy turned clear at midnight, and there is was. Here the song of peepers (tree frogs) filled the air.

Your vision comes through clearly in your words, a sense of time and place captured, and a sense of appreciation for what it was you saw, a vivid symbol of the season changing. Most seasonal poems await winter's departure impatiently, the lust for spring runs deep. But you choose to give winter its due. Winter, in this sense, is a gentleman stepping aside to let a lady enter the room (which is how I saw your words come to life).

This morning, now, the moon is low on the western horizon, casting long shadows.

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I was out last night to view the full moon. It was very bright, leaving shadows on the snow. Bring on the sun!!
Thanks Hans.