Endless memories of brotherly love

My Brother

Bro, we've had some good times!

Do you remember the time when we thought we were a WWF champion tag team?
What was with those ridiculous Harley Davidson pyjamas we used to wear!?
Thank you for always letting me beat you up.

Do you remember the time when you managed to brake both my thumbs when they were trapped in the door?
As painful as it was at that time, I look back now and laugh!
It got me out of doing school work for a couple of weeks anyway.

Do you remember the time we were doing the worst farts on the plane on the way back from Italy?
I think everyone in that cabin realized who the culprits were after a while!
What the heck did we eat on that holiday!?

Do you remember the time you managed to catch that stone that was thrown at me?
Still to this day I can't quite work out how you did that!
But you were always there for me. You had my back.

Do you remember the time we were our best men at our weddings?
Of course not. Because it hasn't happened yet. But it will!
You are the best man I know and the best man I will always know.

You are my Brother... and I love you!

Words by Richard Wilson
Read 685 times
Written on 2011-07-26 at 15:10

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ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Richard , I enjoy all your work hear on The Bay. So do keep posting.
Ken ( D Williams )

Oh, this is sweet...
So much to relate to! I've two brothers, so I have many bittersweet memories of taunting, teasing, playing, fighting... and, yes, breaking wind, which my girlish frowns served only to encourage!
You and your bro strike me as two peas in a pod. My boys are quite different. But I am the glue, holding us all together. And I wouldn't have it any other way.
Bit teary now. Shades of TPF: 'How foolish I am!' But happy.
Thanks for this, and all the best to your bro :-)