A thing within a cycle points to a God... perhaps, maybe, definately, no and yes, I think...

A Thing in a Cycle

Our cosmic four is just one of many. Like the many things, in the many things in those many things.
Echo the ancestors that this blessed burden became a reality. But such is the reality of those, too.
We loath here in our own bubble. And though it's solid, it floats around in that cycle, within that cycle, almost near that cycle there.

So, God may not be this and God may not be that...
But God is something.
That's obvious!

But who am I to say that that a thing within a cycle points toward a God... perhaps it's maybe, definately no and yes, I think.
But then again... What was the question in the first place?

Words by Richard Wilson
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Written on 2012-04-11 at 04:06

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Intriguing circumlocutions, very masterfully executed. What at first seem like repetitions surprise the reader by opening up an unexpected change in meaning--and then another change that seems to negate the first meaning--not unlike the very ambiguity of existence that you describe.

God is one of those inadequate and worn out words that limit things. If there really is a god (or gods) then they'd be pretty wimpy if humans could conceive of them so easily.

Fine word-craft. Keep 'em coming.