Some women have, but this one has.

Her Secret Special Cosmic Blend

Some women have this crazy intuition of understanding the muddy-end before I can even acknowledge a hopeful beginning. And then some of them just don't bother.
Some women have this sensitive touch that parades through my bones and skin only to end up later haunting my soul. I get lonely. And then I don't see them again.

Fair enough.

So, then, some women have a bit of that... And then, some woman just have a bit of this.

I can't quite understand any of it, if I'm honest.

Am I honest?

... And then she comes along, and has whole thing! The something I'm looking for!
Not only that, but she also has her own secret special cosmic blend twirling around and an unbelievable liquid posture, so she can bend any way she wants!

Words by Richard Wilson
Read 800 times
Written on 2012-04-11 at 04:41

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We should all be so lucky. To find a soul-mate who is both alluring and has just the right amount of mystery and uniqueness is something to be envied.

I really like the way some of the line breaks extend way out almost to the right margin and then a hard-stop right at the beginning of the next line, accentuating words like 'beginning' and 'get lonely' and making them more poignant.