So Imagine...

Imagine if there was a planet somewhere else in the universe that was part of a completely different system of star and planet allignments. Much older than Earth and more advanced biologically and artificially. Imagine if it's orbit actually managed to come in our path once every, let's say something like twenty-five-thousands years and along with that came apparent extra-terrestrial contact, unexplainable technological advances, even natural distasters and comets ruining pretty much everything on Earth. That would be mad...
Imagine if some people on Earth actually knew about this the whole time, like an "Elite" that had kept a record and planned a way into survival and a new-age by dividing humanity and keeping everybody preoccupied with greed, materialism and naivity. I reckon that would be pretty crazy... Possible though.

Essay by Richard Wilson
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Written on 2011-08-29 at 17:41

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Stan Cooper The PoetBay support member heart!
Hi Rich...
Perhaps it hasn't happened for the past twenty four thousand,
ninety nine hundred years and 364 days...If so, be ready


ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
Just think , Richard , up there , on some distant star. Thears a lad , just like you. Thinking the same as you. Maybe even writing to an on line site just like 'poetbay' . This world , is but a world. Above us there are many not so difarant from our little world that we call earth.
Ken ( D Williams )

Good day, Mr Wilson.
I know little of technology, but I have some grasp of natural disaster though I prefer to keep to my Garden where peace prevails. Many seek to gaze skyward and discern some lifeforce apart from our own, yourself included. And mystery is attractive.
As for elitism, I have a little experience of this. And the preoccupations you describe are all too familiar in this brave new world. And do they reside also on your planet? If it is in a superior stage of artificial life, might this be the consequence of engagement in materialism? What are the motivating forces towards technological development? Does true altruism exist, or is every task performed for personal gain?
Pretty crazy indeed!