If a had a little mirror
which could show the future
I would then disappear
into thin air,
perhaps board a plane,
to crash over
the cerulean blue ocean
with no chance of survival
(because I cannot swim)
and then look at
what would befall you
in my absence.

I know it is a fiendish idea
that I toy around with
when you take me
so much for granted...
I want to see if that
would hurt you at all
and if it does, how much...

I see that you don't make
time for me at all
so it is justified that I think
of you this way
For all I know
A week spent
without even
an endearment
is wasted life
this fleeing time
when you spend meeting
friends or watching sport
will never return

This poem is an omen
indicating the end
of my patience
To make myself
I turn to my
imaginative mirror
once again
to fall
into the abyss
left by your absence.

Now its your turn
to miss me!

Poetry by Neelima
Read 1116 times
Written on 2011-09-23 at 14:14

Tags Absence 

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