We hugged lightly and pecked on each others' cheeks
To exchange New Year greetings
In a crowd which does not bother us
Though in my opinion, I would've loved
To be enveloped in your embrace
Under the blanket of the chilly wintry weather
But no, you would by no means do it
Even if you were married to me
For another twenty years...
I sigh, for all the physical love
You deny me, and deny yourself
My little heart beats for your exquisite touch
And pouts when you so get so aware of people, kids,
Puppies and so on around you
You are so much of a yesteryears person
And I still think I'm just an animated youngster...
It is so amusing when I think about
How quietly you disengage my clasp
When I latch on to you in front of the children
Just like a mama cat which walks away
From its annoying kitten
Firmly yet tenderly.
It is only an understatement
When I say, rather unabashedly
That I am so smitten by you
No, not by your fašade
But your mannerisms, which are
A combination of a sensitive, yielding,
comrade and a curt and shy convent nun,
who draws lines and rules of conduct
for your free-spirited, lively other half
Who dares challenge you and smiles
Secretly at all the outlandish thoughts
Conceived during the entire day
a propos new ways to entwine around you
And bind my being to yours and lie closely
like a sluggish python
after a wholesome meal...

Poetry by Neelima
Read 1115 times
Written on 2013-01-06 at 05:19

Tags Newyear  Love 

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