We have free will that is entrusted to us. We can empower ourselves to make choices no matter how small or overwhelming they might seem.

The Fragile Stalemate

Good and evil arguing
keeping a low profile
secretly negotiating
the nature of free will

Subversive and subliminal
salvation on their lips
they challenge us to follow them
persuasion tastes like wine

Eternally the match goes on
the pieces come and go
as we look on, observers still
unworthy to decide

We clutch a fragile stalemate
cemented to our lives
for fear that we might tip the scales
toward heaven or toward hell

Poetry by Hans Bump
Read 983 times
Written on 2011-09-27 at 18:33

Tags Good  Spirit  Power 

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liz munro The PoetBay support member heart!
Should be Ed's Choice I reckon

Nicely written


Nice one. This poem exactly defines the situation in my life right now. A great read. kinda like Ezra Pound

This is a poem for all seasons, applying to the intangible inward turmoil and balance as well as the global state of affairs.
This is a gem!

Soup in the Sand
What a vivid depiction of the eternal conflict, the balking of both sides that has long gone on since conception of thought. Very well-written, like two blokes having a discussion in a pub, both nonchalant, both confident and inviting, but completely cemented in his own fragile view, those thin threads that forever bind- mutually and eternally at a stalemate, excellent. I adored the line, "persuasian tastes like wine," thought-provoking, excellent write.