y do we always forget the lessons of the past? y cant we remember them and avoid repeating our anscestors mistakes. will nothing make us remember?


the heart pounds its beat
the blood seems to run
the mind burns in a fury
and nothing seems to be done

all in the world races
yet seems to crawl
withought meaning or purpose
and many only wish to brawl

blades flash
guns roar
blood is spilt
and their is only war

when the ground is stained,
water colored,
sky raining blood,
minds shattered.

when tears leave clean the faces of siblings
and thousands cry in private mourning
when all is dead but for the few.
when that bloody call no longer splits the morning.

only then does the world open its eyes
looks around and realizes
smells the air
and analyzes

sees the destruction that has been wraught
and knows its terrible deed
knows the pain it has brought with its war
and only then will we truly begin to bleed.

maybe the next time war rears its ugly head
maybe people will do us all a favor
and remember the pointless dead.
and what life could have been if not for the blood fervor.

Poetry by Ian
Read 919 times
Written on 2006-04-02 at 06:30

Tags War  Blood  Death 

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Great job! Something I have wanted write about but havent been able to really put it to words. The beginning is very powerful. This is a great poem.

WHY!? Indeed!
It all starts with a simple enough 'innocent' brawl when we learn to crawl... disputes and ugly confrontations. We all seem to be trained for war.... in many ways..... Take the game of chess for example..... it can be the makings of a really violent mind..... harmless at it seems on the surface....

Zoya Zaidi
This is yes!
That is how a poem should be!
Lovely write, lovely ideas, lovely presentation!
Hugs dear Ian!

Love, xxx, Zoya