A physical impossibility: A poem in two parts

You've mixed me up.
I'm in a state of flux,
A superposition, a paradox,
Complimentarity; I'm at odds.
My inner objects' properties are contradictory,
A particle and a wave simultaneously.
An oscillating string of imagined probability
Compromising my morality, decisions, outcomes vacillating wildly.

But everything is relative
To you and me.
To what we say, do, think, feel and believe.

It's hard to breathe...
These vexatious vectors of possibility imprison me.
The choices incarcerate, confuse and debilitate.
I equivocate, questioning my mental state; my fate.
Hyperbole play in my brain, I take them literally warping reality.

In many worlds, many words
Verses in a multiverse
collide and combine
Obliterating my delicate space time.
I live in a modal reality; infinite games at play.
Some near, some here, some far away.

What I'm trying to say, stripping complexity away
Simplifying phrases to preach to the lay...


You've mixed me up.
I can't get enough.
I want to dance while the music is playing and gorge on this stuff.
And I know this too shall pass
but for now I want you to teach me how to cast shadows on towers
To write, fold and throw wishes higher than the boughs
under which we have yet to stand in Green Park.
To feel the warmth of your shoulder as we sit on the sofa
and take in ambient poetry and talk 'til it's dark.
I want to move through you
and know you
and take you apart
and the fact that I can't is breaking my heart.

So this will be what it is: Platonic and chaste.
And though I won't race to waste this gift from god,
What I have will burn short, bright and hot.

Poetry by la tristesse
Read 645 times
Written on 2012-04-02 at 09:56

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Rob Graber
Clever use of modern physics, with some great internal rhymes. What? You say your "inner objects' properties are contradictory"? Been there. Totally.

Teddy Donobauer
Complex emotions have cataracted through the emotive dictionary, too inexact for all the meanings behind the words, but a fair replica of that conundrum called impossible passion..