Ectopic Beats

My heart needs to beat harder and faster.
It's a strain to maintain all the love it can hold
it leaves me breathless and drained,
flushing hot and then cold.

And though physically I'm fine,
the condition's benign,
in medical terms,
it's spurred by oceanic emotions
causing cardiac commotion,
erratic atrial motion
I'm over my quotient
adrenalin surges
palpitations occur.
Tachycardic responses to coffee or coke,
to fear or even a look from a bloke
my hearts's fibrillations cause arrhythmic beats
a feat of percussion,
my blood's rushing,
skin flushing
as it goes 19 to the dozen.

Like a good jazz drum solo,
BP drops so low,
A hectic reflexive contrapuntal Joe Morello flow.
Contra metric syncopation's anxiety - making.
As my pulse rages and bucks,
the inner metronome's fucked,
it's not judgement but luck
that keeps it from getting stuck in this rut.

I'm winded, puffed out,
like after a boxing bout
My heart clouts my lungs
wrung dry of O2.
And if I can't heave in a breath
I'll be greeted by death
in a hideous hue of cyanotic blue.

But the panic is momentary
Passing over me.
I strive to regain equilibrium again.
Diastolic/systolic 112/80
Stabilises my frame and
no longer faint,
usual business resumes.
I've pulled through.

And as I reflect on what causes this mess,
The doctor tells me to cut back on the caffeine and stress,
I look on unimpressed.

In my most relaxed moments
There are chemical components
Flooding my blood,
leaving me reeling from feelings
with which Im constantly dealing
because I love so hard
and hate so deep,
the only respite from this is when I'm asleep.

Poetry by la tristesse
Read 830 times
Written on 2012-06-25 at 10:51

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Hate and love are virtually the same, deep emotions we all should feel. A great read, your style is much like mine. You play with words and keep the lines terse, I like that.

Rob Graber
Well then, try to get a little sleep now and then... Enjoyed this very much!