Don't do yourself down

Don't do yourself down.

If there's one thing I can't stand to see,
it's people mistreating themselves, mercilessly.
Spieling out beliefs long held
hell bent on deprecation that they do so well.

A million mealy mouths masticate malevolent words.
More and more is the media more
for terms that hurt.
To set them up to watch them fall
And say it was their fault after all
is the norm.

Invasively pervading society is a
habitual expression of depression.
Repression of all that's good
All that you otherwise would, could or should do
but are too scared to and so eschew.
Leading to the notion that it was never a motion to be carried
But a move to be parried
A deliberate miss of a palpable hit on life's target.

So you denigrate your mental health and tell yourself
You'll never make your own wealth
and live in this penury hell
You say you're not clever, intellectually bereft
And yet forget you're deftly adept
At weaving through life's warp and weft
You're still here after time served
And spent and so I reiterate again
Don't do yourself down
Turn the frown upside down and leave the
Foolishness to the clowns around you.

Your esteem may be at a low ebb
But reverse the flow and know
Your worth. Count your skill at surviving
Among the most ill
And with good fortune and good will
Offer yourself a break.
Take a moment to assess
that even under extreme duress,
You have much to offer.
Proffer up the profit of a life well lived
And be prepared to give in to excess
Just now and then.

Let yourself off the hook
And see that you mistook the
Look she gave you as dirty
It was a simple flirty bat of lashes
And those flagellatory lashes you
Administered were all too sinister
You should have smiled back
There's no shame in showing you got game,
And kindling a flame.

You keep yourself under attack
Dodging the hail of bullets
Of emotional flack.
Wracked with guilt and blame
In love's combat.

So wave yourself a white flag,
And put the self truce to good use.
Make peace and appease
And ease the demons.
Screaming banshees inside
Subside as you divide and conquer
Feeling all the time stronger
The longer you try to embrace life's highs.

Know that when your heart's
Pierced with the sharp darts
Of losers' fears, save your tears for
Something real.
Something worth feeling, reeling from, even.
But it ain't this.
Take comfort in a loved one's kiss
Allow it slip under your skin
And fill you with light from within.
Till you hear all the majesty and see the pageantry
Of true oneness.

We all deserve not to be hurt.
It's not inevitable that he'll treat you like dirt, girl.
Unfurl your wings and let them know
You're an angel with a range so broad
And wide and high
You overshadow the sun and all the sky.
Don't deny it.
Who do you serve by hiding your shining
Behind anything?

And if you've heard these words tumbling from me
And doubt that I know what I'm talking about,
Know this: I am that soldier.
This is just a small part taken
from a long list of my life experiences.
So if you're still unsettled and unsure,
Come to me and I'll hold ya
And show you the true you,
Deep inside you,
I'll fight you for the right you,
I'll sing the blues right out of you
Until you know you too.
And then I'll say I told ya...

I told ya.

Poetry by la tristesse
Read 596 times
Written on 2012-06-17 at 17:26

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Rob Graber
Oops! Make that "how nice it is not to be" (depressed)!

Rob Graber
Only those who have been severely depressed can appreciate how nice it is to not to be.

Antidepressants and/or time seem pretty important; but words like these from someone who cares can't hurt, either!