I never thought of my self this way before, but as i step back and look i can see that i am, and that there is no changing that.

I never thought

I never thought i'd be the girl I am today
A girl who loves
A girl whos lost
A girl with her own light ray

I never thought this is who I'd be
A girl who isn't afraid to take the dive
A girl who knows how to fight to survive
A girl who holds her own key

I never thought I'd do the things I do
A girl who plays with her heart
A girl who lives life each day at a time
A girl who each day discovers something new

I never thought this would be me
A girl who fights for what is right
A girl who walks with her own light
A girl who can compeletly see
and not judge

No, I never thought those things,
but now I see,
you did all along
you are who I am today
You are the one who made me,
all the things I never thought I'd be

Poetry by Rhia
Read 832 times
Written on 2006-04-03 at 01:19

Tags Thought  Never 

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Really wunderful reading

Bella Laluna

Zoya Zaidi
taht the way to be,
To know your self,
To realize yourself,
To accept yourself,
To just be yourself,
That's the way to be!
My girl,
That's the way to be!

Love, xxx, Zoya