From a stark environment beauty can be born

The Orchard

Creased and folded
By chilled winter winds
Bare orchard trees
Become origami
Starkly beautiful

Sharpened branches
Slice frozen fog
Into dewdrop morsels
Nibbled by the sun's
Succulent warmth

Skyline sowing
Freshly vulnerable
Perennial sunlight
Feeding newborn twigs
Blind and fragile

Poetry by Hans Bump
Read 1044 times
Written on 2013-04-11 at 02:13

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Imagism run rampant.

Peter J. Kautsky
wonderful metaphors, truly enjoyable. Pete

A sharp image you've used here, an origami orchard. It's vivid and cold and black and white, but full of spring's potential. A winter orchard always seems harsh and unnatural, you've caught that.

Simply beautiful, sublime second stanza, especially "nibbled by the sun." I really feel I want to be there to see the orchard,

I used to have an orchard and these are wonderfully evocative images, the bare trees like origami especially. Here, after almost a week of almost-spring, cold and rain, and everywhere "newborn twigs / blind and fragile / freshly vulnerable." Very nicely done.

Nice done!