same as before. it's the story game except this time it was w/ colin, andy, lucas, and i. again, please ignore the bad spelling and grammar.

Some Weirdo Story IV: Star Wars

Once upon a time there was an elk. He had the biggest neck-dangle of all time. And he was like "yo, check out my bling". And then a gang of penguins mugged him. They took everything from him... even his bling. So he got braces and had bling on his teeth. Then he changed his name to George Foreman and started selling grillz like his. No one bought the grillz. Actually, Andy bought a diamond grill but said "skrew this" and traded a krack head for his hippie van. And then when he got his hippie van it was full of speed. And he drove it all the way to Canada and bought 5 gallons of maple syrup. He drank it all til he puked and was really fat. then he swapped the speed for an herb farm. And life was good for a time. Until the police came and found out Andy was on crystal meth. And then he decided to drink acid and get drunk. So he went to Europe & went clubbing & got so drunk he barfed everywhere. And then he moved into the den of a badger.

Words by kata
Read 530 times
Written on 2006-05-07 at 22:01

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