Trying to be Pollyanna. Epic fail, as my kids would say.

And yeah, I know - I should really count my blessings.
(And I do! I am aware! My cup runneth over.)

Hum drum

so i don't like housework, right?
well i don't exactly hate it, but you know
it's not what i'd call a hobby, and
if invisible elves would do it for me

i would not be complaining
no sirree
i would not

so if i crank up the music
- it has to be loud or i can't hear
when i vacuum chase the dust -
and if i yell along, rather than sing
a tune

you should not be complaining
no sirree
you should not

and if i do a a little dance and splash
while fixin' up the dishes
'cause it kind of makes it almost fun
to scrub and rinse and dry and stack
today. again

well i am not embarrassed
no sirree
not a single bit

'cause in the end you have to face it,
life is more instant coffee and grumpy kids
than limousines and cheering fans
not to mention the roses and champagne
that are conspicuously missing

so i am not complaining
no sirree
i'm not

well to hell with pollyanna, today
i am complaining, i hate this
cheerful stuff, the making lemonade
of lemons, when i crave strawberries
- and where's that damned champagne

yep, this is me complaining
yes sirree
i am

Poetry by Åsa Andersson
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Written on 2015-02-19 at 11:21

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one trick pony The PoetBay support member heart!
up until the penultimate stanza that is exactly what i thought you were doing: making lemonade from lemons.

no sirree

i heard humdrum thrumming thoughout, the hoover hoovering. i could barely hear your words for the noise ~ I'M SHOUTING EVEN NOW.

this could fall into life sucks then you die

but i don't think it's quite that extreme, i kind of enjoyed your venting. made me want to tidy up. i think i will (i'm fond of lemonade).

and, btw, this is excellent, and wonderful. both. and more.

I think I'm in love! Terrific stuff...
so I don't like going to the halal shop
and missing the bacon...

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
I enjoyed this, but, to tell you the truth, by the time you started talking about how doing the dishes is almost fun, I knew that you were lying. I have to do them every day for my swinish family, and never once have I found it fun, even with music blasting.

👍 like!