Trivial troubles.

Knäckemacka - pronounced with a hard K, k-nackemacka - a piece of knäckebröd, traditional Swedish crispbread, buttered and perhaps with a slice of cheese or ham on top.


Sleepy-head has had a rough and busy night,
with mysterious bags of swimwear lost and never found
and a wolf turned dog chasing her with scary teeth.

Drooping on the couch, my darling flower
has not a working limb, nay cannot even speak
what to do, what to do when she cannot even eat.

Nothing can entice her to make a single move
she probably cannot even go to school
because the wolf dog kept her running all night long.

Mommy's thinking fast and thinking hard about her options,
sharp words are piling in her throat, but droopy darling on the couch
does not need scolding, even tired mom can see.

Let's try a softer line at first, how about I make you breakfast
and bring it to the couch while you let the wolves
sink out of sight where they belong, my sweetie.

Mommy takes the order - whispered weakly -
and brings out a knackemacka on a plate,
nothing more, just like our sleepy beauty wanted.

And lo, the miracle! the droopy girl looks up and giggles
you are crazy mom, we'll get bread crumbs on the couch!
and 'fore long you hear the tell-tale crunch and munch.

And then the resurrected girl sails forth to clothes
and brushing teeth and getting geared for school,
while mommy gives herself a quiet toast in coffee,

marvelling at how a knackemacka saved the day.

Poetry by sa Andersson
Read 679 times
Written on 2015-02-24 at 08:36

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Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
Very amusing. I was the indulgent parent. "So, you don't want to go to school today? Okay; don't."

Very well thought out. Didn't give in to initial reaction and mother's intuition won! I think I'd like to have some of those magic knacckemacha around for emergencies! Love this.

josephus The PoetBay support member heart!
Ah the wondrous skills of parenthood! I wish I had been as perceptive when my children were less than sterling in the morning. Well written Asa. Your consise and clear style is a joy to read.