Ever grateful to Tame Impala for giving me ‘Currents’.

Inspired by 'Past Life' by Tame Impala

We Are Mere Blips On The Canvas Of Eternity

Your love is the light I see when I close my eyes
We chased rainbows like we owned them
We were blinded
Roaming around the universe as we did
Forgetting that we were
Mere blips on the canvas of eternity
We lived lives that were futile
The love we lost
Was never really found
Your heart was always whole
And shall always be whole
No matter how much it breaks
Because nothing really matters
No one does
Everything we do is insignificant
Our fingerprints stick to the lives we touch
Mine and only mine
I am alone
And possibly lonely

Poetry by Sharanya Venkataraman
Read 1268 times
Written on 2015-08-28 at 23:17

Tags Music  Poetry  Love 

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