So today we have one of my favourite musicians, yet again inspiring me Ed Sheeran in all his adorable perfection.

Forever Synchronised

Forever synchronised
We were like soft sheets on sore bodies
Like warm milk on cold stone
Our arms moved together
Yours cupping mine like a child's
Together we moved the air
And made one our spaces
Our toes tickled the wooden floor
Our fingers caressed the soft lace of curtains
Smooth skin and a soft stubble
These almond eyes were made to look at you
We moved as one, our faces hidden
Our bodies spoke like words wouldn't
Together we moved the air
And made one our spaces
Forever synchronised
You and I

Poetry by Sharanya Venkataraman
Read 1060 times
Written on 2015-09-10 at 16:30

Tags Music  Poetry  Dance 

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Shas Ramlogan
This is amazing. "Like warm milk on cold stone" is one of the best things I've ever read on here. Kudos! (Btw you taught me at UWI, Trinidad many years ago!)