Remembrance is acknowledging that a life was lived ...
Nina Sankovich




Always it has been the light and the trees, here

The evening sun leaving the pines, as it did then

And there in different pines, walnut and apple,

Sweet gum and plum; then following the horses

Across the pasture to the darkening barn where

I  cut the hay bale's twine and tossed the flakes

Down from the dust and sweet smell of the loft. 

Here and now in that same light and between

Two pines there is this single strand of - what

To call it since it is neither a web nor it seems

Even the interrupted intention of one; perhaps

It is simply the faith of this spider in a single

Gesture, the keeping in this moment of where

It has come a memory of where it has come from,

Not as a way of returning but of remembering,

As I do no less in the writing of these few words.

This dusk and then dark, a thin thread of moon.

Poetry by countryfog
Read 937 times
Written on 2015-09-18 at 01:09

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This is another treat, my friend :-)
We enjoyed reading the first few lines of description, then accompanying you to the barn. The focus on the single strand of spider's web is excellent and I like how it is linked to your writing. The thread of moon at the end is delightfully delicate. Applause!

All of your poems are a double-delight. Amazingly precise observations of nature and an intimate look inside the human heart.

Lawrence Beck The PoetBay support member heart!
There's little point to saying that this is well-written. All of your poems are. This one is, however, beautifully composed.

josephus The PoetBay support member heart!
The flow of this is unerringly like the wave of thoughts that on occasion overtakes me without my beckoning,triggered by some ethereal touch of a feather to my consciousness. No one but you could do this. Thank you for it

What vivid images you portray in this poem as you do in all your poems. I could smell the pines and the horses and the dust, and that sweet smell of the barn. That's a life well lived. Love thid.:)