Dedicated to cheerleader who sees warmth in a close dark place

Thank you

Like the warmth of the sun billions of miles away,
your smile from across the oceans warms my frigid day.
Like the glow of Moonlight
adorning the night sky,
your words augments my zeal for life.
Your presence has added a new meaning in my life,
and I am so happy to be called your friend.
I was down beaten in my path, cursing life to show mercy on me,
until shown how tough your life is.
It is inspiring to have a friend who smiles against adversity, and has a tenacity to face problems head on.
I am sure there will be a day, when troubles will give up against your determination.
I hope our friendship will be ever present despite the distances and differences, as I wanna be there amongst many others in your journey, cheering, praying, applauding at your success

Poetry by Kanak Vadhan
Read 690 times
Written on 2016-01-19 at 02:17

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ken d williams The PoetBay support member heart!
I have such a friend , we support , as you both do. Though we do pray with each other - we Think Out To Each other - some may see thats not so diffarant. To we are Thinking Out To Each Other. Helps us both to get through so much pain in the way of that what pains us.

How lucky you both are to share the kind of friendship that lifts and encourages each other. I am sure you provide much mutual comfort. I like the feelings you expressed in your poem. They are very sincere.

Nancy Sikora
An excellent poem, the gentleness of which belies the harshness of your nom de plume.