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30 years old from Pakistan

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Gray Eyes

that was such a cute i liked it!!!!


That was very interestin and i enjoyed it even it had some pain but well written!!!Great Work!!!!

Why don't you leave me alone

This is such a beautiful poem Zainab ! And i think u wrote it when u were angry but its excellent!!!

Why don't you leave me alone

This is such a beautiful poem Zainab ! And i think u wrote it when u were angry but its excellent!!!

Who are we (DNA code)?

that's kinda... i dont know what should i say.... but it is too emotional .You have expressed a truth through your.Its a very delicate matter that u have disscussed but i love it.I love the last lines they have so much of depth in it... Great Job!!!!

Knowledge: The Golden Rule

thats really very good i love it aron !! I loved the ending

The Snake and The Butterfly

thats very good we should not believe anyone if we know that they r harmful !!!
A very creative and informative text!!!


That was quite interesting !!I enjoyed readin it a alot!!Even your poem Book wasalso very nice !! Great Job!!

Dad was Never an Angel

Oh a sad poem !! i can feel your pain !!loosing a father is so painful i can understand as same is the case with me !!!
I liked your poem but i could'nt undrestand ur basic concept !!
He s with God but he stays in your heart and that is enough 4 him !! But think positive about him and God !!!
God might have some reason which is why he took your father with him!!
Now u can just pray 4 him and fulfil his dreamit will make his soul happy!!!!

Good Poem!!!

Dreaming (Up) Consequences

Well an interseting poem i liked it!!!
Zombies !!! aha

My Name (Acrostic- Zainab's 'what do you see' Challenge)

I really enjoyed this acrostic poem it was so well and creatively written !!!
Good Job!!

Oil My Mind

Wow!! Quite an interesting poem i really like it
Good Job!!!

the key

well a very creatively written poem.i really enjoyed reading it!!! a very good subject!!
Well done!!!

To a dear friend

wow a very nice poem 4 a friend i really enjoyed reading it!!!!

My friends at Poetbay

well a very cute one ha ha ha i really enjoyed it

I saw a sad cat on my way

good poem zainab i really enjoyed readin it!!!!

Do You?

well a very beautifull text! its little bit funny but it is really very interesting!!!! specially
3rd one!!! Great job

the wind

i really liked this text full of nature!!!
i could feel myself at the point you have focused.
A really very creative work!!!

My son

i could feel the love of yours 4 your son show this poem to him and im sure he'll love u more than he did before!
An excellent text full of love!!!

14) An Old Woman Cry

such an amazing topic!!!! i loved it the way u expressed your feeling is very good!!
this is true that now this kind of thins r happenin and what i know is that ,that the one who wil do this with their parents than their children will do the same with them.
I pray to God that i be a good cjhild of my parents so that they do not cry when they r old!!! Once again a brilliant work i really very enjoyed it!

let's pretend we're the only ones

lovely poem!!! Good work!

Because I was born for you


Because I was born for you

Oh My God ,Zainab what kinda lover u r? i mean born 4 lover ohhh!! any ways a very good text i really like it,Zainab u won't believe it that whenever i started to write a comment on your this poem something bad happen wanna know,first when i opened poet i saw your poem i read it i like it and thought of writing a comment on it i wrote half whan computer got hang !! Then i restart my computer but then internet was not connecting and then i just got so angry because i liked your poem so much that i was dieing to write a comment but then i will not but i was wron i had to i hope this time nothing happenssssssss.

Hej you! Poet or poetess this concerns you :)

this is a text that i really really reallllllllly like it!!!!!!!!!! i agree with u that we r all connect with each other by reading each other work.We dont know each other but do comments on each other so i think poetbay.com is the best site to share your work.

Your love really stinks

oh what a lovely on Zainab i really enjoyed reading this poem.i liked the title it really suits the poem. Great Work!

Thank you my writing friends!

what lovely poetry just 4 friends you have'nt seen you r really very creative.


nice work ,cool! keep it up

Last Wishes

it sounds so sad but its a good poem.
clap! clap! clap!

Personality crisis :D

oh such a good poem i should say its amazing. a good jokey poem!


short but lovely

One line

it is so sweet and true i just love it!


hmmmm short but sweet ,you have told lots of thing in just 6 lines.i liked your poem though its short.

By the grace of GOD

i love your poem i love your words