It's an imaginary girl made by me who her boy falled in love with her bestfriend , So this is the message she gives to her boyfriend who wants her back.
Have fun !^^

Your love really stinks

There was a time,
When I used to love you
I used to feel blue,
When anyone insult's you
I tend to cry,
When I couln't defend you
I would fall on my knees,
And feel I'm a losser
It was too late knowing the truth
That you never deserve my dazzling love
You completely broken my heart into pieces
Mending my heart it's not possible
How many times you were sorry
You gifted me nothing other than sorrow
Everyday doing the same mistakes
Thinking that sorry can solve everything
It's just good to be true
Unfortunately you aren't among those few
Then why do you keep coming back
Your love really stinks
Then why do you keep calling my name
Your love really stinks

Poetry by Zainab
Read 912 times
Written on 2006-08-13 at 17:15

Tags Hate 

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Edna Sweetlove
Unpleasant bile.

thanks dija ^^

oh what a lovely on Zainab i really enjoyed reading this poem.i liked the title it really suits the poem. Great Work!

Many thanks to Saga Teala & Rob

He didn't know what he had 'til it was gone. There are other fish in the sea. Good job!

Very nice poem...

When anyone insult's you
I tend to cry,
When I couln't defend you
I would fall on my knees,

I like these lines especially..I think we all have known someone that everyone else made fun of..and we tried to see beyond their faults..even though we knew deep down they sure existed..

Rob Graber
Sad and funny--very enjoyable; I especially like the final four lines.