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42 years old from USA

The latest comments that R. has written.


I am at a loss for words. I am simultaneously saddened and amazed by your poetry. You write far beyond your years, possibly beyond experience. I do not know. However, in this you have profoundly captured a search I think many have experienced. PS--When are you finding time to read mythology?

(last sunday: eighteen candles) rob's challenge

I love this. I picture a cold fall day and a mostly quiet ride home through dark streets. How you managed to conjure up that image is what makes you so good.

coffee and whiskey

Zachary...what an amazing talent you've been given. You speak with a voice decades older than your bones, which just blows me away. Hopefully this poem has given you the release you've been seeking.

"everyday is a fight to the next..."

until the day we don't....but then, I suppose it ceases to be everyday at that point.

"lonesome, solitary, melancholy..."

an interesting insight. do you think this is always true?

feelings are often isolating.

RESPONSE: "Students are spoon fed the same old things..."

mentally penning a response...written version to come.

"Within these lines I'll tell a tale..."

AWESOME!! Was this the ballad? Love it.

"Its being able to..."

A beautiful poem about the power and peace of faith...lovely.

"Every now and then we..."

I LOVE these lines:

and when you least
expect it
will open its doors to what
you had been looking for
all that time yet could
never find.

So beautiful Justin...I really like that you title your poems by the first line because you have such awesome first lines. I think it's the coolest thing ever that you write poetry--what an honor to teach someone so talented.

character analysis

our hearts beat strong under fictitious skies.

I love this nugget of poetry gold. I see you're exploring a new, though somewhat related theme to your previous one. Silence and now fiction. I appreciate your universal sentiments and am impressed by your use of punctuation for emphasis. Bravo, my friend.

a sugar challenge for Nepenthes rhyme challenge

good grief I love this poem. cleverly written.

Broken, lonely and miserable....

"Fetching all blessed moments we went through,

Creating such anguish for me, out of you"

Immense power in these lines. Unfortunately relatable. Thank you.


What a bunch of malarky! It took me ten years to actually add a comment to this poem.

Awesome. Never has a student captured the humanity in grendel. Thank you for a different perspective. Poor goats...