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33 years old from India

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Inner Thigh

The reality usually doesn't.

Will You Smile For Me?

Made me smile.

Who am i ?

someone once told me that love is just that...losing yourself into someone else..
we spend our whole lives searching for love...and thats what defines us
then when we find it we lose ourselves...isn't that strange? :)

Thank you.

I feel the anger

Silent as the grave.


In my own words.

"A stone in your throat.
A piece of glass in your eye.
A knife in your heart.
A needle in your hand."

Girl at the side of the road

i liked the beginning
then it trailed away to a place i never thought it would go
too used to despair...

The end of painfull thoughts

thought provoking
"Know what was could never be again"

Yet Another Trench

hmmm..I like the perspective..as if we don't have enough nonsense going on already! right on! hugs!

Love memories

I know how it is when i see old poetry of mine and i dont feel it anymore. but each poem is a work of art and deserves its time. respect tht.

"I wish I could take you to the sun,
Warm up the cold beween us,leave it all done."

Those are my favourite lines :)

Lost Childhood

I think it should be 'tombed'
otherwise a brilliant piece. keep it up

What if. . . (one line)

Aw! I'm blown away!
This is a beautiful thought

Diner Dreams

I was that girl till two days ago....found my angel... :)
But i do know what that feels like...fleeting joy from imagining someone perfect who'd sweep u off ur feet...

Love, Hate and Vendetta

Being consumed in love is the same as being consumed in hate or vendetta...u gotta care enough to hate someone...There's a very thin line between the two..
I believe you love and hate from the same place--your heart!
so both emotions are equally powerful, equally consuming
We just gotta decide which one we are going to have for which person..
And then there are times when you love so much you start hating yourself for being consumed in love.
This is my philosophy.
Do you understand it?

Online Missing In Action

Grin!! anticipation met with disappointment..love the lively beat of the poem! Cheers!


It sounds outrageous but I know it's true!
The worst part is--its not stopping!
Ppl say it was only practiced in the old days, but female infanticide is common even today and the surveys say it happens mostly in educated urban families! what a shame!!
'systemic gender discrimination' its called--purely satanic it is!!
No one has the right to 'discriminate' this way!
'History is witness to her plight!
And so are you!
And so am I!'
But what are we to do?

I'll shed the Tears[Inspired by Zoya]

Im deeply touched that u being so far away would shed tears for us!
All Indian girls are mistreated..whether they are killed at birth, abandoned in dustbins or molested by fathers...
Its extremely heartbreaking!
Will read zoya's poem now
This one is bookmarked!