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Peter Humphreys

73 years old from Ireland

The latest comments that Peter Humphreys has written.


Hi Jim,
I really enjoy the apparent simplicity of your poetry. You sit down, and think. In this world that is not easy. Good for the soul. Peter

look ahead

A really good, heart-written piece of work. Really, really good. Peter


Wonderful writing, deepest feelings, expression that pulls you in, Delphine is not forgotten. Peter

Spider Man

The poem captures the subject in a web. Beautifully, if that is the right word! Cheers, Peter


The poem starts, almost as a commentary. It is the final section, "Too many times ..." that turns it into poetry. A sad event ending in resolution. Finely done. Peter


Beautifully expressed. I can add little to what is said.

WHY I'M FORE STAYING AS PART OF THE EU. (a work in progres)

Absolutely, Ken. Well said. We live in extremely dangerous times.


I honestly do not know what to say about this poem except that I feel it to be brilliant. The reader follows the poet as she journeys in place and space in a flow that takes you along on the journey to understanding; "yet my tears will shine while the memories may only echo as I slip from here and slope my way into somewhere and nowhere, loving, enclosing brushed lips of a twenty year old contrast the eyes of an old lady". A great pleasure to travel that journey too. Peter

The Queen in FaerieLand

This made me chuckle. I loved the setting and the 'skipping' pace. Not sure if Queenless Kings would be quite so resolved. Wonder what Henry VIII of England would say?! Peter

To A Grieving Friend

Beautifully and tenderly expressed. Peter

The Mermaid (Villanelle)

Beautifully written in form, content and feeling. Peter

Postcard From Amish Country

This is a beautifully evocative poem. It places you there. You can hear, see the animals in mind's eye. The inevitability of winter, the sense of inevitable time as it passes almost unnoticed, creeping upon us as night falls. I really enjoyed being transported to Amish country. Peter


Sadly spot on, my friend. I am still in a state of disbelief. But for a fairer world we simply can never give up trying. Peter

Disillusioned Poets

Nice one!

Your Sin-My Misery, My Guilt, My Shame

What can I say? What can anyone say? But saying is not enough, we have to act wherever we are to stop these abominations. This is a hugely important poem, Zoya. Thank you for taking me back to a horror that the world too easily sweeps under the carpet. Peter


Some rioters of the 1960's became national figures in later times, perhaps those of the 1980's too. Personal, evocative, fine writing. Peter

Long After

Long after I have grown older, such memories I can recall not always. It is the nearer times that baffle me. Beautiful writing as ever. Peter


A beautiful poem in form, content, emotion and indeed texture, you link autumn and the mild hopes offered by spring with grace and beauty. Peter

Sunday Rain

Deep in the recesses of my mind, this conjured up images of past sadness as your heroine dances in an upper apartment in France, lost in music and lost promises. You can see her in black and white, listening to Edith Piaf on the radio. Magical writing. Peter

In That Moment

" ... you smoothed out my pain and made my heart purr".
A lovely poem of love. Thank you, Peter

Sacrament Without Words

Magnificent writing ... a communion given and received. Peter

The Fall of Autumn

This is a gentle, under-stated, evocative, mood-filled poem, that is beautifully done. I read it now and watch the process happening outside as the trees rattle their leaves in the wind. Thank you. Peter

Young Summer

I love the images of smell and breathing "colours of the sea." The beautifully crafted poem reminds me of paddling at New Brighton as a child and, even better, introducing our children to the sea in Co. Mayo, in the far west of Ireland. Thank you for the memories, tastes and smell of the sea. Peter

Bathing by Firelight

I am just overwhelmed by memories of the flickering fire and the splashing and the feeling safe. A beautiful poem. Peter

One By Seamus Heaney

I remember meeting Seamus once. He was standing in the Georgian doorway of Carysfort House in Blackrock, Co. Dublin. His silhouette against the bright sun in the garden I shall always remember and cherish. He was a young teacher then. A gentle man. A great man.


Powerful writing, Mark, that tears the guts out of you, like his fallen comrades. My grandfather fought in the trenches all through the War. He came back a still loving man but one of great silences. Peter


This poem/story is absolutely brilliant, Ken. The story of your brave Great Gran was repeated again and again. You must be immensely proud of her. She would be proud of how you told her story too. Peter

The Easter Winds of Prague

This is a brilliant evocation of the Prague I know. It also captures the relationship brilliantly, especially in the closing stanza. A gem. Peter


Well said and written, Ken. Absolutely right. Peter

in awe

...but hopefully more roses to come with the return of Spring. A beautifully evocative poem. Peter

The Snowflake

Magnificent, mythical, magical. Peter

There Are Rainbows

This is stunningly beautiful. O, to dance there.

The Time May Come

This poem is beautifully done, sad though it is. Many people do not know, until they are gone, how often family/friends had waited for a call from them.


Hopefully death will not come again to play. This poem evokes deep memories and fears. An excellent poem. Peter

Cast My Ashes out to Sea

A gentle, profound cycle of words. Misleadingly simple, deeply professed. A gem.

Take Me

Sometimes we need to do penance, sometimes just forgiveness, sometimes just the space to grow and learn. I really liked this poem. Peter


The delight of early wisdom often stops us in our seemingly wise tracks and challenges our wisdom. As Wordsworth put it, "the child is father of the man" And the mother too presumably ;o) Great writing. Peter


This poem captures the insatiable curse of loneliness and sorrow that those who have been there can only know. But Hell has an opposite ... casting off the drape. Such wonderful writing. Peter


Absolutely right, Stan. Spot on. Thanks so much for posting it. Peter

The little mermaid

A fine sense of place and inner reflection that brings the solitary bronze statue to life in a really well crafted way. It is years since I saw her but your poem transported me back there. Thank you. Peter

Nida dunes

There is a fine sense of movement and space in this poem that transports the reader to the place in a way you can almost feel it. Fine writing. Peter

[01 Sep - 31 Oct 2010 **UPDATE**] Community Poll - Site Improvements

Just to add, I agree with Nick's comments completely. Peter

[01 Sep - 31 Oct 2010 **UPDATE**] Community Poll - Site Improvements

Dear Friends, Many thanks for the thought you have given this idea. However, though I use e-mail extensively, I withdrew from social network sites, such as those above, because of confidentiality infringements experienced by me and my friends. So I would not support this proposal in general I am afraid. In fact for network users it is not difficult at present I think to cut and paste the poem(s) reference details to as many people as they may wish. If pushed to decide one way or the other, I would therefore prefer the first option. Thank you for consulting. Best wishes, Peter

what could be seen through the window-glass and everywhere

In form, rhythm, warmth and retrained emotion, this is such a fine poem. Peter

Five Lines

Probably getting down off the bar stool might help too! Peter

Wasteland Sojourn

Excellent evocation of the land, its ghosts and its exploitation not for what it was but what it contained. I have never been to Nevada but here Nevada comes to me. Peter

The Quest

The Holy Grail has always fascinated me and its myth/belief has been used as an excuse for many noble/ignoble things. In fact, the actual earthen beaker may well have been broken when washing the dishes after the Last Supper. Yet people perenially seek without, answers that lie within. As you can see I really liked your poem. Thank you.

Like a Scene From A Dickens Play

This is a tremendous piece of writing that unfolds and enfolds the reader. Never knowing why can hurt for ever, just like a broken heart.

It's Good A Catholic I'm Not

Just think of all the fun you are missing, Stan! Just loved this and the graphic too. Brilliant :)

And God Said: "Let There Be No Light."

Another great poem, Mark, one of the very best. Visiting a cancer hospital recently I had to make my way though a line of smokers at the entrance, some relaxing before and/or after radiotherapy! There is a great little Italian story about God abandoning creation because he got so disillusioned with those he created. He just up and left. Peter :)