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Flavors and Aromas from the Garden

I have a plot of land which I hire from our town council.
I grow all that I can but my favorite are strawberries.
I have lots this year. They are good, wholesome and terrific, with brown sugar and cream.

But better still I have a deck overlooking the whole plot with a table and four chairs under an awning. Great for sharing a bottle of wine with friends and of course those freshly picked strawberries while watching all the other delights grow.


That tractor...

Was it a Fordson Major ?
Did he plough a straight furrow?
Was his shirt an ex army and navy stores exclusive?
Were the fields eventually full of long corn not short as now?
Did he wave?

Great recollections of a magical time !!!!!


Hip Hop

These days more 'hip op', than hip hop.
Hope yer well!!!!!!!

Up Yonder

You dont look at the chinless before doing an analysis of their eyes. There is some current politicians (one in particular) whose eyes are so close together thet they double cross at the front and meet up at the back..... Who was it that said 'The mere wish to become a politician should debar you from office'....How can you soar like an eagle when surrouded by sh**ehawks......

No packdrill/??

Hope your' well

Your War

The mother that weeps for her martyred son,
A baby crying beside a butchered mother.
Tears running in rivers already filled with blood.
Minds traumatised by sights they witnessed.
Where is love?, Where is tenderness?
Where is hope?


One persons democracy is another persons marketing opportunity...


We are de onze who ask ze qvestions...Sorry am I disturbing you Britisher spy with my light shining in your fizzog?

Miss Mist

I remember walking across a meadow, through the mist on a bright bitterly cold winters morning, Suddenly the sun shone through and illuminated a multitude of silver diaphanous spiders webs. That mist had frozen in seconds transforming the very moisture hanging in the air. Isn't nature wonderful when you get up at the crack of dawn to fish through a hole in the ice.


Et Al


I remember when the first micro-waves came out. In Chester they opened a microwave restaurant and the sign over the shop said 'Cooking By Radar'. true ... Handy if your looking for business like the odd UFO or battleship to come lurching down the street.
Nice short one especially if like me you get 'night starvation' fixed by a sly nibble on a dairy fruit n nut.

So You Have Us

Question - 'What do you want on your burger?'
Answer - £10 each way please...



There will always be institutions
Institutions reflect our insecurity
Insecurity cries out for reform
Reforms need truth and resolve
There will always be institutions.


Water Forms

If you look closely at a Magpie its plumage is not black but various shades of darkest petrol blue and darkest green.We all think we see the reality in our own minds. Perhaps that reality belies fundamental elements that make the world special to each of us.Two people sitting on a beach watching the sun dip below the horizon turning the sea into a pool of liquid gold. One sees the closure of the day.The other witnesses the promise of a new dawn.. Happy new year Linda.


Even the moon which has a pale cold unearthly presence has the facility to bring a warmth or change ones surroundings. The warmth in our hearts is better shared to fight the depths of dispair that sometimes blinds us. Luna reminds us that the morning will bring warmth, hope and the glow of a new dawn.


What?....Never heared of bibs?...Or a can of Alphabetti with a spoon?...

Sunflower Breakfast

I can appreciate the setting of langour and peace quite sensual really. Reminds me of the 'milk flake advert'....but for me...replace the continental butty for a 'Full English'....Perhaps the lizard would hang about for the black puddin....Nice one L...

Thirty Million Pounds

There are three elements which serve the human race.

The worlds wealth is held by 2% of the worlds population.

Poverty is always with us.

The Justice meted out by the rich upon the poor is biased in their favour.

So it is, so it will be, so it will end in tears.

Fair Enough

Shoite happens..But there is Good Shoite, Bad Shoite, and indifferent Shoite, but the most obnoxious of all is Smart Shoite...
Its a world of chromium plated Double do-do's Political Shoite...

There Is

This is not a poem of love....It is a celebration of truth...

Memo To An Angel

How dare you speak about auntie Angela like that. Dont you know she has to wear those suits because waiters keep throwing their beer over her in pubs....


Splish, splash,

The meniscus rocks and rolls with the shake shake ...alooo lahh. Damp patches on the floor...My head hurts as I cant get Messenger Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!

Truth Is Beauty

Those who prefer not to see or listen become encapsulated by their own fear of truth.

Those who see and listen then recognise truth seek not the horizons of paradise.

What is truth but the unblemished fragrant rose or the blush of a maidens awareness of herself.

Nice one Jenks.

Black And Red

Insides are always important Linda....Especially if ya get knocked down by a bus......


We all fantasize at times.Whether we recognise what is reality or wish depends on our experience in loving. Perhaps our expectations are coloured by a single ephemeral moment which catches our breath. Just like a dream that lingers long after the cloak of night and darkness has opened to the day.It is not necessary to consider the depth of that moment but to keep it and savour its essence before it melts in the palm of our hand as a single snowflake.

Nice one Jenks....

Blue Prints

Good to see some of us still have the guts to say it how it is. The problem with the guillotine is that some of the individuals who should feel the keen-ness of the blade have brass necks. Individual despots are but bit players on a global stage whose artistic director cares more about extracting a toll from the weak and the poor. Unfortunately there exists a global network of a very small number of people who have aquired 90% of the worlds wealth. Not only are they anonymous but are protected by a labyrinth of corporate defences miles deep. Nothing will change unless you hold the 'queen bee' ..to account.....but then someone or thing will take its place...
Nice work Jenks.

The Returning Child

Lets hope that this austerity is transitional.
While most of the world can still feed itself,
And nations stop playing silly political games
That child should never be in want.

Great meaningful pictorial poetry Linda.


I enjoyed this very much Linda. Please forgive my spontaneous poetic outburst inspired by your brilliant writing.


The Beck I know now forms a hillside Pentland burn.
Dark are its deepest pools overflowing black as coal
With fast melting winter snows that undercut it all,
Banks where in springtime tammy trout lies in wait.

The bracken binds the stones and gnarled tree roots,
Twist and turn in alluvial peat and sedimantary loam.
Many pass this burn, few stop to listen to its melody,
Recorded hundreds of years of birdsong with babbles.

So run fast and true sweet waters tinged with peat,
Waters cascade through sacred rilles to silent seas,
Memories carried by that conduit of life still flow neven,
Forget-me-nots and snowdrops peep from mossy sleep.


DONT !!!





The pain in Spain is a railway booking office clerk named Rodregues.....
Sorry Linda,
Dont do 'serious' anymore...All the best for the new year.


Oh fine orb of the Gods
The colour of the sun and ripe,
Waiting to be peeled,
An explosion of pleasure
As my teeth tear into you,
Sweet nectar as meant to be.
Two Euro's a kilo with vitamin C.


The Portuguese Deception?... Is that like an Argentinian Tango, but with yer shoe laces tied togeather?....

Punch and Judy

The crocodile was my fav followed by the policeman.... But.....never been the same since I swallowed me swoggle...'Thats the way to do it'.


Beware of Greks bearing tin cups.


In Scotland we have pearls. They are mis-shapen, different hues, some brighter than others but each is distinct and unique. A bit like the people....


Gimme some slack and allow my financial ineptitude to become the hellhole that my bank manager has to deal with. He gets the angst while I get the credit....'Cashback anyone?'

Oh America

As a British subject who has read early American history may I add a few words. 1776 was a watershed not just For America but for the world.The American constitution was founded not just on a piece of paper declaring the constitutiion but by the blood spilled by men at Valley Forge and Bunker Hill who fought for what they believed. Some who died on the side of the colonists were Englishmen who wanted a better deal and were prepared to fight for it. A strong America is as important now as it was in two world wars not just to sound the trumpet, but to see to it that all remember their history and who they are.


This one made me smile Stan. I had a mom like that. In our neck of the woods shenanigans were what went on next door when the milkman called and the old man was on day shift.

The Bridge of My Destination

Nice memories of Childhood Kathy. When I grew up in Liverpool we had the 'Dockers Umbrella'. This was an overhead railway system similar to that you have in NY or Chicago. The wharfmen walked to their place of work at the docks using the 'Umbrella' to protect them from the rain. My playground was a heap of pulverised bricks and burned out timbers provided by the Luftwaffe.

Saint Paul

Visions are not always ephemerel nor are they figments. People with talent don't just think up great idea's they put them into practice blessed with built - in permanence. Can even accommodate tent city when required.
Good topical subject. I enjoyed.

Wren...Found Poem

Bet he never thought he would be lowered to turning his architectural wonder into a campsite...At least now they have 'Portaloos'. and a 'Starbucks' nearbye...'Power to the peepleee'....


Downsizing is a national duty and must be complied with? That is because there are lots of homeless people that need your space. Asylum seekers; Travellers; Vagrants: Property Speculators et al....If I was ever forced to abandon my property I would exchange it only for a $2m condo in Palm Springs then they can do what they like with it. I too have a lupin but it is grey,covered in mould and withered by early Scottish frosts. Nice seasonal poem by the way but I fear I have mis-read your message.The stench of death may not be masked by floral tribute, and our minds not hardened to casual murder, no matter how much they deservd it.

Rude Spider

If ya want cobwebs visit chez Sid. Plenty here ...coz the female half doesnae care and me ...well I just say live and let live...We have wee squiddy spiders but with super long legs. Scottish spiders are not known for their lethal bites but ya should see them do the 100m..

First View

I wonder what MY grandchildren will remember me for?.. Possibly stealing a piece of my grand-daughters cake on her birthday.....Nice one and beautifully written.

Winter Approach

Wellies, Mufflers, Long Johns, duvet jackets and fur caps with ear muffs here from now o'le pal.


Green against blue, Glossy leaves that reflect the sun and give shelter from the glare.
Gnarled grey upon grey green, Holds the canopy in place...and allows us to play...with words.

How To Go

I went to a wedding last week. A bloody good one. Have you ever seen twelve drunken men trying to push a bus out of a grass cas park when it has sunk up to its axels in mud? Still recovereing from a busted flush...Suit is at the cleaners...

Speaking Portuguese

Ola Linda. Tudo bem. Nossa quanto tempo. O meu hovercraft esta cheio de enguias. Tenha um bom dia.

The poem wasn't half bad either....


A story with 'a sting in its tale', giving us 'a buzz', after a naughty moment when we swarm, then told to beehive. Nice one honey, but to bee or not to bee? ....etc


I take it we are talking window furniture here?