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How It Feels

Oh wow the end really got me, well done I love this piece it shows the beauty and the sadness love can bring.


Beautiful poem!

Thank you for being you.

I love this, hope the special person in your life did too! Thanks for sharing! :)


Awh Ken this a sweet poem! Hope all is well with you! :)


Thanks for this Ken, made me think! Enjoyed the read.


Wow, well done on the editors choice!


Awh Ken, no! You always have your friends on the bay, you've been a great help to me recently! You know how much you've helped me, right? You are a great writer and a great friend and those who love you love you for who you are! Ignore what the rest think, they're not important.


We did a good job, well done! :)


You are so much better than them! Evie's going to grow up knowing she has two parents that love her and will protect her in any way they can! You know how it feels to be bullied so stay strong and make sure nothing happens to your little girl! :D A good write! Well done! :)

Philip !

I used to lose the 'game' near enough every English lesson because of him! And I used to steal one of his earphones and listening to his music with him! I seem to remember the Noddy theme tune being on his playlist! Aha!

I Miss You Mum ! x

You and your Mum worked things out eventually! A good write! Well done! :)

Killer Koalas

A good write, full of detail! I'm curious, was it the end of Janet Wiese? :)

Unknown Territiories

Don't be afraid of making new decisions, just go with it if you think it's the right thing to do! A good write, well done! :)

My deminished Life.

Just been reading through your poems again! It's such a shame you didn't carry on writing, you had a talent! I hope you've found peace up there Ryce! R.I.P, memories will never fade!

I myself

A powerful text! Shows that people could be going through anything and yet nobody will ever know as they're smiling! Keep writing! :)

To Tara x

Well done Sophie! Nothing says welcome back more than editors choice! Keep on writing! :)

What Did I Do To Deserve This??

I guarantee you look back on this very soon and realise you deserved so much better than what you put with! And you have Jimmy, after all this time! You two have stuck together, and you're happy! It was worth waiting for wasn't it? :)

when the light is in the sky

A very powerful text! I enjoyed the read, well done! :)

Where heaven touches the earth


It's Criminal

Awh! This made me chuckle! Keep writing and smiling!:)

Love Late in Life

A very sweet poem! Well written! Keep writing and smiling!:)

the plastic life (contains some adult language)

I really like this text! Well done! Keep writing and smiling!:)


'Without hope we have nothing' I love it! Well done Ken, another fine write! Keep writing and smiling!:)


I really don't like Halloween, something about it just scares me! I've booked it off of work and I'm going home to spend time with my family! I enjoyed the read!:)

I'm Sitll Alone

Wow! I enjoyed the read! Keep writing and smiling!:)

Love Hurts

I really do absoloutley love this, I feel that I can relate! I work with someone who I'd hoped would like me and to begin with, I though he did! Turns out he was just looking for something to occupy himself with until someone more prettier and 'easy' came along. It's been 7 months since we shared the same bed (and that's all we did, believe me) and he's slept with at least eight girls since then. I wish things could have been different because I do still really like him but I suppose that' it's just life! Everything happens for a reason, I wouldn't want to be with someone with the morals of an alley cat anyway, not really.

Well done! :)

Remember Me

This is really lovely, I enjoyed reading! Well done! :)

Sleepless eyes.

Very well written! I enjoyed reading this!
Keep writing and smling!:)


I really like this Ken! I don't know why but I can imagine a wealthy, succsesful buisness man sat in an office, having everything he could possible need in life yet still feeling so low!

Keep writing and smiling!:)

An easy night-The hardest day

Well written! I enjoyed the read! Keep writing and smiling!:)


I'm glad to read this! I didn send you an email, did you get it? Keep writing and smiling! You have too much talent to have anyone try to put you down!

Mr Inconspicuous

A mix of emotion between humour and fustrastion ... well that's what comes across to me anyway! I enjoyed the read!

Keep writing and smiling!:)

This isn't a lovesong, this is goodbye

An extremely heart felt piece! It's moving, how you felt about her, how you still feel. Nobody can take away the experience or the memories from you Cohen, only yourself if you choose to do so. Not many people choose to end relationships in agreement, in a sensible and mature way like this text suggests and so I congratulate you on that, it's not easy!

Love is a marvellous thing if it's true, and I do genuingly believe that your relationship was true but that doesn't mean you can't find someone else out there, you deserve it!

Just remember one thing - You are not alone.

I enjoyed the read!

Oh one more thing ...

Welcome back to the bay, hope you will be making a more regular appearance?

Keep writing and smiling!:)

Abuse Denial Syndrome

My step Dad often loses his temper, I think he has an anger management problem! I must get told I'm an idiot at least nine times a week. It's not much but it's enough to fool me into believing him. This text as far as I can tell, comes from the heart. It's brave, honest and brilliant all at the same time. I enjoyed the read, well done!:)

The Deceit and I

Such a beautiful poem! I enjoyed the read, it's just so heart felt it moved me almost to tears. The third stanza and it's image I know only too well. Keep writing and smiling!:)

glass sky

A great write! I enjoyed the read. Keep writing!:)

My rapture.

I don't know if this was intentional or not but check out the end word of each line:
'Eyes unfolding, skies holding me, gives plenty, live'
It's almost a perfect sentence, don't you think?
I enjoyed the read, well done!
Keep writing and smiling!

My dream

A sweet poem! I enjoyed the read, keep writing and smiling!:)


Awh, this is such a sweet poem, I enjoyed the read!:)

I know a girl called melissa ormond

I can assure you that me and my lovely teacher will get along just fine thank you very much! A funny poem, I enjoyed the read!:)

mising u

I still think about somebody I used to be close to, and I detest him for it. It's not a case of missing him but hating him is better than not having him in my life at all. Give it time and you'll pull through, honestly! I always say that the more guys I speak to, the more I love my Cat! Keep writing and - most importantly - keep smiling!:)

Broken Leaves,Perfect Flower

This poem's published in order to get feedback and so this is why I comment. I believe that this text is extremely biased, and I'm sure in a few years time you will look back on this, on the consequences and possibly agree that a sixteen year old cannot truly love somebody they are in a relationship with (my opinion only). When I told you that you don't know what love is, I didn't mean it in a bad way, but obviously offence was taken. I don't know if my values have become out of date but I genuinely think that true love takes months, if not years to form. I love the title of this poem, it's great symbolism! The exaggeration and anger referred to in this poem works well in building up anticipation to the reader. I particularly like the line 'I'll bow to the master of puppets', I'm not sure on what it means but it reminds me of the domination of oppression of a wide majority of individuals that make up society. I enjoyed the read, it really put things into perspective (for me anyway!).


I don't know if this is a true emotion you're going through or not but nevertheless, a great write! It made me smile, I enjoyed the read! Keep writing!:)

all i see is you

I love this! It's so full of emotion! I walked straight past ny ex-boyfriend, his Brother and his Mother earlier on today, and I had to work very hard to not take a second glance, and keep a straight face but I did it! Just remember ... an 'ex' boyfriend is an 'ex' for a reason! Keep smiling! I look forward to your next write!:)

I Am Alone

This is such an emotional piece, well done! I enjoyed the read, keep writing!:)

Wake up and roar

I enjoyed the read, keep writing!:)

The Edge of the Sea

I love the rhyming sequence used in this! I enjoyed the read, keep writing!:)

Linguistical Whale

I enjoyed the read! The world is what we make it! Keep writing and I look forward to your next text!:)

The Curious Carnavale

Carnivals - a mix of emotion, culture, age, gender and race! I enjoyed the read! Keep writing!:)

The voice of silence

I enjoyed the read! Appreciation can only be found when silent, I find is often the expression that fits. Keep writing and smiling!:)