this was brought about by my former love interest telling me to go yif myself now im alone again

Broken Leaves,Perfect Flower

my emotions were yours to control

i gave myself to you


i expected your love your affection

you dashed my dream


obviously i was nothing but a plaything

tossed aside when you got bored


and that hurts

being sent to  hellish purgatory


yes im 16 so what

"you dont know what love is"


well explain this hole

the one in my mind the one in my heart


look at my eyes

that shine gone


you stole it

you effectively killed me

"how can i be lost if i got nowhere to go"

"search for seas of gold how come its got so cold"-(metallica quote)


stripped of pride

stripped of my honour my valour


left a weeping shell

dry tears roll down my face


you. you taunt me

you. you hate me


ive being repulsed from womenkind

you cant burn me twice


im staying away from you. you monstrosity

enclosed in a death magnetic metal coffin


ill stray from you

ill invite st.anger into my soul


ill bow to the master of puppets

ill join the harvester of sorrow


ill be safe within myself

nothing matters no-one else



Poetry by MIK136PARKS
Read 875 times
Written on 2010-02-24 at 10:48

Tags Hate  Sorrow  Despair 

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Melissa you hold some very good views here I agree with all of them ^^

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Melissa Ormond
This poem's published in order to get feedback and so this is why I comment. I believe that this text is extremely biased, and I'm sure in a few years time you will look back on this, on the consequences and possibly agree that a sixteen year old cannot truly love somebody they are in a relationship with (my opinion only). When I told you that you don't know what love is, I didn't mean it in a bad way, but obviously offence was taken. I don't know if my values have become out of date but I genuinely think that true love takes months, if not years to form. I love the title of this poem, it's great symbolism! The exaggeration and anger referred to in this poem works well in building up anticipation to the reader. I particularly like the line 'I'll bow to the master of puppets', I'm not sure on what it means but it reminds me of the domination of oppression of a wide majority of individuals that make up society. I enjoyed the read, it really put things into perspective (for me anyway!).

i got goosebumps reading this wow!!!!

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Amar Gurung
life is an uphill journey, sometime it hurts and sometime it makes us smile, so we need to learn from our life that nothing remains static, if sorrow knocks on our door then we should realise that happiness is not so far....