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Julie Shehata

The latest comments that Julie Shehata has written.

Beslan Angel 186

An amazingly moving piece. Truly a beautifully written tribute to the " Beslan Angel".

All In a word by M.A.Meddings

Beautifully written advice we should all take to heart.


This tells a beautiful story of commitment -your love never wavering despite this girls "loveless stage".
A wonderful piece - thank you for sharing!

Burning City Sunset

Such vivid imagery! A wonderfully written piece about the very sad demise of a city that is home to an extremely talented young man.

Petals In The Wind.

Absolutely beautiful - I love it!
Thank you for sharing!!!

Body parts

Why, indeed.
Sadly and all too often women feel the need to obtain the almost impossibly perfect images that we see in magazines and on tv. As a part-time model I know first hand that those images are digitally manipulated and photos are airbrushed.
As long as society dictates that bigger breasts, fuller lips, etc. is what is considered beautiful, women will be going to dangerous lengths to obtain that "perfection".
We should all keep in mind that our true beauty lies within us.

An Awesome love by M.A.Meddings

If this poem fails to leave you breathless, flushed and in awe then you've either never known the all-consuming beauty of true love making, or you don't have a pulse.

I Miss You

A beautiful read. She must be quite a girl to inspire such beautiful words.
Thank you for sharing.

Your assassination of me

A moving piece, clearly written from the heart - though one that is seemingly breaking.
Beautiful - thank you for sharing.

Lovesick haiku

I can both sympathize and relate.
A beautiful piece - thank you for sharing.

Picture Day

Ahhh, the memories this poem brings back!
Having to wear a dress to school for a picture taken from my shoulders up. My mother asking me to show her how I was going to smile. The smug smile of the photographer because you KNOW he just took the most awful picture of you that exists.

the orange grove

A wonderful, painfully beautiful read.
Thank you for sharing.


Oh, this speaks to my heart!
What a beautiful gift to find this perfect read to start my day with.
Thank you for sharing!

The Black Halo

Wow - this is just painfully beautiful.
Once again you leave me in awe.

Brief Encounter by M.A.Meddings

Is there a woman alive who doesn't dream of inspiring such words?
~Smiling dreamily~

Gently Do The Whispers Fall

I've read this poem over and over - absolutely mesmerizing.
What an amazing gift you possess.

Where will i find you...

Breathtaking - what an amazing gift you possess.

For What I Am by M.A.Meddings

Beautiful, indeed. A sentiment close to my heart - thank you for sharing.