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34 years old from United Arab Emirates

The latest comments that Zainab has written.

58) Your Friendship is a Treasure

That was a nice piece to your friend

It shows you are true friend that she or he can always depend upon d:


Love is in the air

i can see that

Well done Mama kathy ^^

Don't forget to remember me

I was speechless
That was amazing ^^

VEry sweet

I'm going to bookmark it ^^
You made me smile

Little Voice

This was a very well written piece
Great write mama kathy ^^
I enjoyed reading your piece

Keep up the good work
Always ^^

Why I Love You

Another beautiful piece


Continue loving my friend like that
Always ^^

Waiting For The Kiss

That made me smile

i can see your love for my friend is shining '

Amanda this guy really loves you
Never let him go

And never let any beautiful gal take him away from you

I love your kisses

That's a very romantic short poem

My friend Amanda would be so happy

I'm glad that you love my frined kisses
if you didn't I would have chop your mouth

Just kiding ^^

But, only if...

Wow Zoya ^^
YOu always write beautiful poems

That's what I love about you most

You are a woman , even if you had an ugly face a man would loved you blindly coz You have a beautiful heart d:

kudos to you

I'm going to bookmark this piece

Raw Woman You by M.A.Meddings

this was an amazing piece

NIce write like always
Well done ^^

Katherine by M.A.Meddings

I'm glad that you finally shared your feelings for eachother here
I always felt this but I thought you may get me wrong if I mentioned such thing called love in your friendship relation.

I kept my mouth closed but now I'm opening it to give you my prayers to both of you

I hope your love will last forever

Love to you always mike and mama kathy ^^

Daring my darling by M.A.Meddings

This was kinda funny piece but I really liked it
Thanks for sharing ^^

Hmmm <3

That was a sweet cute write ^^

Get up, stand up . . . let a new world rise!

This was a beautiful write

You are very kind , you don't only think about yourself but you think about others too and that makes you a beautiful human being.

You are a kinda of a person when you r ready to start eating your food suddenly you see a needy poor person and you end up giving your food to him or her eventhough you were hungry to death.

My Life Wish

Nice piece

I was a bit fatigue reading lot about love and love goes on

THanks for sharing this poem ^^

56) Don buy me a Gift

This was a brilliant write
You have a lovely heart and I could see from this write

You love him so much and that shows from your powerful words here

Very honest write

Well done Amnanda

I'm going to bookmark this ^^

What would you do if I died tonight?

This poem was great

I liked it
I loved the way the words flowed
Thanks for sharing ^^

"Dear God"

This was a very well written piece
nice d:

54) My Sister's Wedding

And I hope she will be happy in her new life

I hope so

Congrats ^^

54) My Sister's Wedding

Amanda you made me cry with those powerful words which come straight from your heart.

Very beautifully written piece d:

Well done ^^

Ode to my life, our life . . .

OH that's so sweet

Such a cute write

Welldone in this write ^^

Colour Me

Oh my God

I think so you are angry with me

I forgot completely about wishing HAppy Holi

I know it's too late but Happy holi

And this was nice poem here d:

Be my Silver Moon in Autumn

I don't know what to say
What I only know you are an amazing writer

I loved this poem ^^

Where from do you get such beautiful words

Zoya I'm jealous

Nice write

Oh forgot to wish you APRil FOol and by the way how is it for
Did you succeed in fooling anyone or not.

And Finally Happy Easter ^^


Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter ^^

May all her wishes come true today ^^

In a rocky bluesy way . . .

I missed your work

This was a fine poem

I liked it ^^

To All My Friends On Poetbay Thank You by M.A.Meddings

I have you wished a lot today

But the best way is to wish you in your place

A quote from me to you

People laugh, People cry
Some give up, Some always try
You may forget me but never will I

Happy Birthday Mike
I know we never met
Nor hav eyou ever showed me your face but one thing I believe you are amzing writer , person and a good friend.

I hope you hav e awonderful day


Reign Again (Acrostic for lastromantichero)

Oh my Gosh

this is very sweet

Thanks C for sharing this Acrostic

Happy Birthday Mike ^^

Hero of the Bay by Night Soul Woman

A nice my friend

And HAppy Birthday once again to my poet friend Mike ^^

An Eastertime Birthday for Michael Meddings!


You really did a brilliant job here

You not only made mike day but all of us who read your poem today

Happy Birthday Mike from zainab ^^

Happy Birthday Michael --- Lastromantichero --- Meddings

A nice poem kath

you been a great friend to mike

Well done

Happy Birthday once again mike ^^

Happy Birthday Lastromantichero

A very beautiful and spectacular poem

I loved it .

I feel jealous to see such a beautiful poem for mike in his birthday
Just kiding ;)

How r you mama kathy
I missed you

I know it's a long time since I spoke to you

But anyway you did a great job here, I'm sure he'll loved it
For sure

Happy Birthday once again Dear Mike ^^

Mike, Our Romantic Hero

Missed you Zoya

Long time
I hope you are fine

And well done ! this is a beautiful poem for MiKe

I'm sure he will love it , I guess he did already

Happy Birthday Mike once again ^^

A friend like u

A nice poem and I really liked it

But I felt you ended this poem very quickly

I felt you had a lot to say coz the way you began this poem but anyway a nice write

Hope to read more of your work ^^

Congratulation MIKE, it's your day!!!

Hi Bro

I missed you

Long time
How r you
Coz I'm fine
Like the glass of wine

Thanks for sharing such a sweet poem to Mike especially in his birthday

Well done in this write bro

Thanks so much for this write ^^

Happy birthday Mike once again here too

Now you can see there are alot who loves you dear friend Mikey ^^

52) Micky's Day

I already wished him

But I thought to wish him here too

Happy Birthday MIke my poet friend

And thanks Amanda my friend for sharing this sweet poem

Kudos to you


53) Pain of Lost Love

A very well written text

I really loved it

A very honest one this is

One of your another best work , you showed here

Keep it up d:

Happy Birthday Micheal.

Oh so sweet of you

Such a beautiful poem for a romantic person like mike

He's lucky ^^

HAppy Birthday Dear mike from Zainab
I hope you will have a wonderful time

And thans P for sharing this poem with us
It will be the best ever present mike will receive today from you ^^

51) Voice of Iraq

This was a very sad piece
And welldone for wriitng something on this subject
I'm glad to see that your angel heart here

You were amazing
What a sad piece
;( very well written

i miss you mom

A very sad and emotinal piece here

I'm sorry for what you are going through

I can understand the fact of missimg your mum

When she is away only sometime for oneday, we cry and miss our mom

what if we know we will never see them again, only memory will remain

A well written piece here d:

Missing Person

This was brilliant work

You did great job

I loved it

So sweet

Keep up your good work d:

The battle inside

This was a great text

Nice write ^^

Hope to read more of your work ^^

A strangers advice. . .

A very honest and vivid write

I liked it

Keep writing buddy


The Luckiest Guy (part 3)

I don't know what to say I loved this poem so much, that's why always keep online to see the end of this sad story.

This love someone and it's painful when it can't be returned d:

woman is a musical instrument

You made me smile d:

I can see that something more special is now in your write

your name

I liked your write here

Nice work you did here

Just lovely d:

When You Look At Me Like That

This is a beautiful write here

I liked it

thanks for sharing it here mama kathy d:

The Luckiest Guy (part 2)

That's beautiful goran
Long time now

Part 2
Shows that you really love her still
But one thing I can see in this write , I see that guy who is walking and saying life goes on

Well done
again d:

Hugs to you always d:

Honey, I Love You, Not Your Money

Yea thats called a beautiful and a true love
You don't love someone for his money , you just love him for what he is , anyway he is

Nice write , you may also go to read my poem "Tears in paradise" its about the same subject if you would like

Once more kudos to you d:

40) End of the Story

Nice story
Though sad poem here

I can different person growing in your write , this have got such different way I mean the way you wrote it comparing your others d:

Cherrish Time We Will

just kiding!

Ofcoz you are crazy in love with Thomas

Wish you all the best

I can feel you are the best couple in Poetbay

Cherrish Time We Will

Beautiful words
Are you in love
Or is this only a poem

Nice words ;)