Those words came staright from a heart that thought of a beautiful and wonderful sister who is gonna depart the house.

54) My Sister's Wedding

Dear sis
As your wedding day is approaching
And soon we will see the closing
Am full of joy and yet of pain
Whenever I imagine your big day
For am gonna miss you sis with all your traits
From childhood to the adulthood
We have been so close
And for the first time you will be really far
And I hope that distance won't make us lose contact
For you are so precious though I don occasionally say
Or express through my behaviors how I admire your ways
Your beautiful smile and warm heart
were my shore of peace for all the time
Your shouts and cries will be music to my ears
whenever your image will cross my mind

I wish that your man will treasure you as his wife
And realizes how he's lucky for winning your heart
Such a kind lady despite of her temper
Can be so lovely and tender
May you be a nice mom too
And a housewife so true

Poetry by Amanda K
Read 1256 times
Written on 2007-04-11 at 10:38

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oh dear,reminds me of my sisters wedding.i cried like a baby. thanks

yes, i forgot,

picture is very beautiful and looking very sincere. so sweeeeeeeeet....
nice and the best

Amanda ji (a word is used to show respect) you are very kind hearted. you have a very loving heart. you spread love all around as the flower do. your writings are very nice and because your poems come from your inner heart.

here you describe the love of your ith your loving sister. and her coming happy married life.

Best wishes to your family.

it is the time of joy but everyone knows that everyone has the tears of be happy

2007-04-21 Moods The PoetBay support member heart!
i can imagine the feelings surging towards the new situation between you and your sister... well for you to be feeling that way about your sister, she must be a loving caring sister... so she won't forget to include you in her life as best as distance permits... so many ways to communicate today... changes are always scary i find... but here the basis of relationship is love... and when love's there, distance doesn't eradicate it... my thoughts... *hugs* best wishes to your sister for the wedding and new life :f :f *hugs* xx

Nicely Written..

Congrats to your sister..

Enjoyed this read..

And I hope she will be happy in her new life

I hope so

Congrats ^^

Amanda you made me cry with those powerful words which come straight from your heart.

Very beautifully written piece d:

Well done ^^

yoonoos peerbocus
attachment deeper is, the greater the hurt, at separat-that's truei love

Okuola Paul Abiola
It is bound to happen. I feel how you will miss her but she has to get married. Realy it is a thing of joy Congrats to her.