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The latest comments that Arti has written.


Perhaps what you need is a vacation in some sunny place. The sun will also kill the mold. Roses come with thorns, and I think this pain is the price of faith and love. But, good news is, there is only one place to go from rock bottom: right back up.


As the Wind Blows

What a wonderful nature write. Love the poem!


I'm Bluish When I'm Fluish

i'm sowee you feel so crappy.
flu, not fun.
me love winter...

hope you're doing okay.

Cerulean Serenade

This write has a beautiful, rhythmic flow that feels like looking through a kaleidoscope.

Thanks for sharing!


Autumn Revelation

I wrote an autumnal write today too.
But it is a different spirit that moved mine.

I love your sprite-ly muse.
Can I borrow the tinsel-crowned minstrel
who taught you to write acrostix?

Age of Newness

I love your newness. And I can't wait for you to unfurl, the faeries painted you a flaming orange, they whispered to me.


Inside the Crystal Ball

There are days, and there are days. Perhaps you think these days are unlivable, the rest of us mortals like the poetry they produce.


Loving Among the Pines

I hope you won't have to "grieve and grieve for all time", Kathy. Time would count as the slowest but surest of healers, and the heart is the first to be wounded and last to heal.
Anniversaries are hard, and I pray you find your peace.

Big hugs,

The Booger Man


"a scattering of snot
and a booger or two"

love your kiddie writes... much better than Dr Seuss, methinks!

Following Miss Daisy

She is adorable.
Why is she growing so fast? Shouldn't she be a little gurgling, cooing little thing?

If I Were A Butterfly

this certainly counts as one of my favorite poems... not just from you, but overall.
keep writing... and you ARE a sprite. :)

Living in the Light

beautiful write, kathy! it is late at night, i've been studying and it hasnt been going too well. needed to read this one, kind of like i was meant to read it.
thanks for sharing something that made me feel better about myself!



You still have Michael. He has become yours now, more than ever.
And you didn't add one thing - hugs. I believe there are so many hugs floating around in cyberspace trying to find their way to you, if they all would you'd be smiling in an instant.

Hugs(I just added some more to the tally)

In Ireland

The turbulence in my gypsy soul is one of those things that keeps me going. I think I have found a destination for that gypsy inside me.
I love the thoughts you throw out in this poem, perhaps an encapsulation of my life right now.
Hope you are doing well.



Would that monster be the insiduous one in the mind, the one with the cold, slimy tendrils of bottomless grief?
This is so well written!
Hope you are doing well.


in the long run
those with short legs are left behind
with joys that stay true.

you must move on
but I am stuck on off
waiting to feel the brush of angel wings.

things will get better
when something worse happens
but your share will be only what you can bear.

don't dwell in the negative
but i have no other home
unless i choose to build one from joys I have known.

make lemonade out of lemons
I lost the lemons in the storm
so I'd rather make blueberry muffins. (I'm addicted to blueberries)

the sun will come out
but it's hidden behind the clouds
which ensure that I never cry alone.

look on the bright side
but my eyes have been eaten by crows
therefore, I listen to the softly playing music.

love will find a way
exactly; it went away
to be preserved for posterity, to warm a loveseat for me.

Dear Kathy,
Hope you don't mind, but I couldn't stop the impulse.

Big hugs.

Anguished Self

If grief could sing, it would be a requiem.
If love can grieve like the heart does, it would be a poem - this poem.

sandcastles never last but love does (In memory of my darling michael)

Oh Kathy I'm so sorry. I wish I could walk over and give you a hug and cry with you. I wish I had better words to send you.
But I'm glad you enjoyed the time you were given to its fullest, and I'm really glad that you will have wonderful memories for the rest of your life to warm your heart after the pain lessens a bit.

Big hugs,

An Open Question to any one who might answer by M.A.Meddings

I think Nep should say "Here! HEAR!"

What In The World Has Come Over You by M.A.Meddings

lolol I'm sure The Guy Up There understands! :p

Impressions of India

thank you.
I think the intact cultures is what holds the country together.
And since I am in the field, one of the oldest branches of medicine, Ayurveda, is Indian as well. It is still being practised unchanged through the years, now as a formal medical degree experiencing a resurgence with the current trend for "alternative" medicine. Just for the record!

Warm regards,

Talking Poetbay Blues by M.A.Meddings

haha... the hero gets wicked.
I love your rap-sodical blues... great writing!

The Little Girl Cried

I love those last two stanzas - it should be heard by everyone who needs it. powerful, touching write, Kathy.


Rapture In The Rain (co-written by Lastromantichero and Kathy Lockhart)

read this a few days ago, was on call and all that craziness. loved the read... reality suits you perfectly - and im sure the roses were a brilliant shade of red!


Who Is This Smart Ass by M.A.Meddings

**raises eyebrows** Getting possessive, are we??


Outside the Inside of my Brain Strain

**ruefully sighs**

The only things I can count on in my life are the monthly bills. Besides the never-ending paperwork (I must be responsible for atleast four trees worth of paper a day - indirectly of course), I'm halfway through stay extension formalities - my room is flooded in white sheets and two copies of each letter... jeez.

Organisation? What in the name of mercy is that???

You And Me by M.A.Meddings

Sweet. This is the kind of stuff that needs to go into audio books - so people like me who need poetry yet need some wide-awake shut-eye can feel the love. (Okay okay, its way past my bedtime and I need to sleep - but I mean it about the audio book!)

Soft October Song

Ummmm now you're making me yearn to be with that baby girl... I bet this autumn is all that you've ever asked for, Daisy-kissed walks included!


I would have written this, once. I think I would rather read your art though, and let life happen. :)

Maybe Yes, Maybe No. a Cowrite by Katherine Lockhart and M.A.Meddings

Classy prelude... I can see the candlelit dinner already.
I think the red roses would be perfect.... Wink wink!

Maybe yes, Maybe no (co-written with Lastromantichero)

Classy prelude... I can see the candlelit dinner already. Wink wink!

Prepartion Explanation and Maniacal Ramblings

Have a safe, gentle journey... and I hope you find all that you're looking for - the other half included. :)
(bet you'll love all that you'll find!)

80) Life Doesn't Wait

:) how poetically true.

For I Have Loved You Endlessly by M.A.Meddings

What a poem. Even though this was written for Kathy, I still feel that warmth stealing over me. Bookmarked.

The Infinite Wealth of My Forever Joy

Sigh. You make me miss what I knew. Nep makes me miss what I never knew.
Love the sheer beauty of this write, a taste of bitter chocolate turned sweet.

Lourdes Congratulations by M.A.Meddings

Bet you're a proud distance-granddad to that baby.

Visions of the Fall

You are one creative lady... you amaze me everytime you decide to play with color! this is sooooo cooool!


Sigh. How beautiful can love get, how beautiful can words get.
And how beautiful it is to watch your love unfold.

Don't fall in Love

Lol... I'm 21. And I see the truth in your words... Loud and clear.
Now, if only the millionaire would step up to the podium, please...

The Same Sun Shines on You and Me

Questions echoing down
the rugged plinths of time,
without beginning,
without end,
ad infinitum, ad nauseum.
And yet,
we have no answers,
only a stolen preview
of what might be.

Megrims by M.A.Meddings

How truly romantic of you to write this... I'm sure MeGrim is far far away by now!

i am depraved

Depraved is too strong a word, Z. You're not it.
Take it from a person who sees depravity in every stage, day in, day out.
being able to ask a Question that makes sense, knowing very well that the answer will either be unsatisfactory or simply, non-existant, is very useful. Frustration is a powerful tool, but it is a two-edged sword.
Don't think I'm giving you very useful advice or help here - just trying to tell you its okay.


A Thank You Note To Hell

You **are** a poet.
A pretty good one, at that.
Adversities do make one stronger... and more scarred. I like your perspective.

Welcome to the bay... I hope you'll find the waters warm and comfortable.

No Chance To Stop Me Now by M.A.Meddings

Sigh. You should officially change your name to Romantic Hero.


My dam broke down a few days ago... But I'm crippled by the big T's - typing and time.
I'm so full of words, so flush with emotion, but so starved for sleep, its amazes me I'm even coherent.
Dosen't look like your dam is standing any more either...


76) Longing to your Heart

How true and how sweet... Wouldnt it be great if we could come back to our lover's arms every night after missing him the whole day?

Dont You See My Love Shining by M.A.Meddings

:) So is it going to be a union by the water?

**naughty me**

Until You

like I said, butterfly heart... I see your colors now!

The Colors of Love

What is the color of poetry? Something beyond the rainbow, I guess.
Colorful write, Sprite. There is nothing more delightful than your butterfly heart.

And we are sailing - come on board!

:) May I have a dance floor on that freedom ship? So we can all "shake a tailfeather" to this freedom write...