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I Love To Drwal.
I Just Hate School.
I Would Love To See My Friends.
Well i love to have fun.
I love making new poems.
I am just a teen trying to make it threw this world with the heartbreaks and the lies.
I am only 16.
And thinking that hell is a place to call home.
I listen to alot of music and i dont watch alot of tv.
I go to school.
I do have pants that tell me i am beatiful...I cant make it threw a day without laughing.
I laugh alot ask mitzi and ariel... they will know:D...
well i could go on but i dont think ya'll wanna read this all...
so just ask me and ill tell yas!!

Brooke Michelle

29 years old from USA

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"dont let ur pants tell you that your beautiful have your boyfriend do that."