This not about anyone in particular... I don't always write from experience...

He loves You

You say you're friends
but I still know
He loves you more
than he'll ever show
He pushes his feelings
deep inside
Hoping they'll stay
there and hide
But when you're together
they run free
And yet you're still
too blind to see
You don't get
that he's in pain
You're slowly driving
him insane
I think you should ask him
how he feels
Ask for the truth
Ask for what's REAL!

Words by IronicBanana
Read 793 times
Written on 2006-05-12 at 23:30

Tags Friend  Love 

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Hip Hip Hoorah

No comment? Eh? What does that mean?

Although I guess I know who you're talking about, too...I think...

gar! I want to know who you're talking about cuz I feel like everything is my buisness lol. Great poem.

CUTEEEEEEEEEEE!! Aww. That's cute and I LIKE IT!!!
Haha. There's a possiblity I know who you're talking about... hmm...